What Do You Blog About? Blogging Tips and Show and Tell Time!

by D’vorah Lansky

Blogging is a wonderful way to share your thoughts, share knowledge, and engage in conversations with your audience.

As part of today’s blog post, I’d like to invite you to share a link to your blog! Tell us what your blog is about and what you enjoy about blogging. Additionally, if applicable, tell us about your book. Scroll down to the comments section below to share about your blog!

Grow Your Author Platform with a Blog

The fastest way to develop your author platform is to have an attractive looking blog where people can come to find out more about you and your book. Your blog is the hub of your online world and provides you with a platform from which to share your message, sell your products, and build community.

expand-reach-150An attractive blog, with relevant content, will open up doors of opportunity for you such as; guest blogging, guest speaking, and becoming known as a leader in your field. Guest blogging is where you either host guest authors on your blog or where you share a blog post on other blogs.

The best blogs to be featured on are ones that attract your ideal reader. The same goes for the types of posts you accept from guest bloggers on your blog. In order to best serve your audience and your guest bloggers, you’ll want to host guest bloggers who write on topics of interest to your audience.

As a way of getting to know one another and helping you to make connections with bloggers and guest bloggers in your niche, please scroll down and tell us about your blog and what your audience is interested in. Be sure to post a link to your blog, and if applicable, tell us about your book.

Blog on a Regular Basis to Increase Search Engine Rankings and Community Engagement

Journal Your Blogging Activities and Plans

I discovered some inspiring blog planners over on Amazon. I couldn’t decide which I like best so I’ll post them below. While I own one of these, I’m planning on purchasing another, after I write this post.

Scroll down to the comments section below to share about your blog!


  1. rrieman says:

    My Blog is all about guiding authors and narrators on audiobook creation at http://www.rrvoice.com/blog

    Should you have an audiobook version of your book? How do you do an audiobook? And, most importantly, how do you make money with an audiobook?

    This blog about audiobook creation and marketing will also help you decide whether to voice your own book or hire a great narrator. My book “The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation” at http://bit.ly/audiobookcreation_ includes the critical details of audiobook self-publishing on Amazon’s Audible, iTunes, and beyond. Over $2 billion dollars in audiobooks were sold in 2015!

    • Douglas Brown says:

      Very helpful blog and resources, thank you!

    • judithboice says:

      I wish I had found your resources before I paid for Talking Books to produce one of my books! Thank you for this information. You are inspiring me to consider recording others of my books.

  2. I listed on Listy but here’s my entry here too: my blog, Literascribe, is subtitled ‘A Writer’s Take on the Business of Books and the Writing Life’. I’ve run it since 2007 and post about literary events, review books, interviews writers and comment on the book industry. It links to my Literary Consultancy, Fictionfire (www.fictionfire.co.uk) – I run creative writing workshops and retreats, coaching and editorial/appraisal services plus, very soon now, online courses as Fictionfire Writing Academy! http://literascribe.blogspot.com

  3. I blog from my website about grief and loss and hope at http:/www.reconnect-from-grief.com. As a Grief Coach and author of Grief’s Abyss Finding your Pathway to Peace. This is a guidebook for any who find themselves grieving and are struggling to cope. My Mission is to help those I meet to feel more comfortable and understand death and loss through my blogs, grief coaching and workshops.

    • Dianne says:

      Anne, my fiction book is about loss and self-forgiveness. I have started a newsletter and in the future I would like to feature a short article(s) from a grief expert. If you are interested please keep in touch.

      • julainamkc says:

        Dianne, your photography is beautiful. I’d be interested in guest blogging with you.

        • D'vorah Lansky says:

          Hi Julaina, I’m not sure if people receive notification when some posts to their comment. Try posting a reply to my comment here and see if you get and email. If not, you may want to contact Dianne via her blog.

  4. tljcgtn says:

    The TLJ Consulting Group blog, Tammy L Jones, provides support and ideas for educators Pre-K – 16. Many are focused around mathematics, technology, and literacy. Upcoming topics include literacy, writing beyond the ELA classroom, using a student notebook, and making content accessible to all students.

    Join me as I “create and share educational experiences!” http://tljconsultinggroup.com/blog/

    • My blog also provides educational ideas and advice. I mainly focus on building students executive functioning skills. Maybe we can guest post in each other’s blogs. Check me out at barbarahurwitz.com or learningspecialistblog.wordpress.com. Look forward to connecting with you.

  5. Hi D’vorah, Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word about our work. I blog at http://www.memorywritersnetwork.com/blog – the concept of the blog has been to reach out to aspiring memoir writers and share insights into the process of turning life into story. In order to help readers how to write their own memoirs, I read published memoirs and draw on lessons I’ve learned from them. Since I started the blog in 2007, I’ve written more than 400 essays, reviews, and interviews, and in the process, I’ve developed my writing voice, established a following, and have a wealth of knowledge that I can use for my teaching and coaching. I’d be delighted to chat about the blog or about memoir writing with anyone who is interested. I call it Memoir Revolution which is also the name of my book on this subject. Best wishes, Jerry

  6. Liesel says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, D’vorah!

    I help introverts who are unhappy at work (no matter the reason) to transform their career into something they LOVE, and feel fulfilled by. I started my blog in 2014 under D’vorah’s guidance and first I wrote mostly about self-care and personal growth.

    Now, I write about introverts, self-care, personal growth, strengths and fulfilling careers. These topics are all part of my unique offerings. My blog is over at http://www.savvyselfgrowth.com and there’s a gift “Five Simple Tips to Find a Career You Love” waiting for you if your career is not quite where you want it. I’d love to hear from you in a blog comment!

    I’ve written two books – No Problem the Upside of Saying No, and Coping with a Dying Pet.

    I love writing, it’s my favourite and most natural way of expression. I also host a podcast called “Mindful Career Transitions” on iTunes and Stitcher. I started this also as a result of one of D’vorah’s offerings.

    I look forward to meeting up and supporting you on your journey!

  7. Hi! I have two blogs. One is for teen and pre-teen writers and their teachers. It has over 500 writing prompts and lots of useful links and tips for young writers: http://wrightingwords.com. The book that inspired it is Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens. You can take a peek at it here: http://www.amazon.com/Writing-Fiction-Hands–Guide-Teens/dp/1492985546/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 This is the blog that my course is based on.
    My second blog is for those who have “write a book” on their bucket list. It includes helpful links, writing prompts, and my coaching business: http://writefromexperience.net

  8. Thanx for all your efforts!
    I blog about my faith and the scriptures. Given my career in computers; hardware, software, system admin, I am also writing a book that combines both.
    Truthrightlydivided.ca and s my website, and contains my blog.
    All the best to you and yours

  9. Hi, my blog (http://www.seeingkidsdifferently.com) is on children’s numerology. My goal is to share my insight of the souls of children age 0 to 16. It is so important that we acknowledge the talents, traits, personalities and challenges of this new generation and to realize their individuality to support their growth. My blog is directed toward parents, extended family, teachers, coaches, mentors…really anyone involved with the life of a child. I would love to either host or guest another blogger. I am a newbie to this. Thank you, D’vorah

    • Iyana says:

      Hi Patty, I am also into numerology and children but not together. I’m a little behind on public writing and speaking, but plan to break out of my shell this year. My only blog presence currently is https://thenewerview.com. It’s not about children but I deal with mind evolution. I was an Early Educator for years and saw some profound abilities in children. Maybe we can speak a bit about what type of articles you would like a guest blogger to write.

  10. My blog is called “Out of the Fire.” I write about the things I learn from the Lord while in His refining fire — mostly about intercessory prayer and the prophetic. http://refinedinthefire.wordpress.com

  11. marychoo says:

    I am an Occupational Therapist and have also trained in Kinesiology and Mindfulness. My main blog is http://www.inneranswers.net/blog In it I focus on sharing information and resources that help people explore the “Inner Answers” they have stored in their heart’s intuitive knowing and body’s cellular memory. I am still finding my direction in all this but want to develop it to support people to make time to explore and develop trust and confidence in the inner resources and guidance we all have inside us. I am interested in hearing from people with similar areas of interest. I also have another blog I am developing to promote my online course on Self Care For Busy Mothers but this is still a work in progress.

  12. I blog about my writing journey and that can be on a very wide range of topics. On Becoming a Wordsmith is my blog, started before I had any books published and now my third is due out in the fall. That means I talk about specific stops on my writing journey with both the good and the bad things. I’ve been doing this for about 5 years (I think!) so there is a lot of information there for writers, would-be and otherwise.
    I also have integrated posts aimed at satisfying readers, an avenue I’d like to do better at.

  13. My blog, Roxanne’s Space, is about writing and marketing fiction with a few excerpts of my own books thrown in. My most popular post is How to Format Your Novel for Createspace. My goal is to help other writers get around the obstacles I have faced in the past. https://moonrox.wordpress.com/

  14. Jean says:

    I like to blog about issues relating to education. I also write about issues affecting children and adolescents adversely and what can be done about the problem.

  15. The theme of my blog is living your dreams today, don’t wait…there is no guarantee you’ll be here tomorrow, or when the kids are grown or at retirement. Life is too short to spend it doing anything less than what makes your heart sing. http://NakedHippiesRoadtrip.us

    You can find my book RV LIVING: The Naked Hippies Way: Live YOUR Dreams – Don’t Wait for “Someday” at http://TheNakedHippiesWay.com

    MY dream…to live on a never-ending roadtrip (I do) and to have an Amazon #1 best seller (I do)

    What’s YOUR Dream?

  16. Hi, My blog is at http://www.AskInJesusName.org I write to help those who are lost come to, or be rescued by Jesus. I have written two books:”there’s more than one way to love a cat:my kitty journal in haiku” and “there’s more than one way to be okay:a blind woman’s PURRspective on life.” The latter is on amazon in ebook format, but the best version is in audio on Audible, with an added prologue regarding my conversion and being rescued by Jesus.

  17. Did you know that the last shot of the American Civil War happened in the Bering Sea of Alaska? Or that famous gunslinger Wyatt Earp traveled to Alaska in 1901 and built a saloon in Nome during its gold rush era? My blog (and book series titled Aunt Phil’s Trunk) shares little-known stories about Alaska’s colorful past. Join the stampede and check it out! http://auntphilstrunk.com/alaska-history-blog/

  18. Since 2008, about 2 years after coming out of a quick retirement (my husband didn’t like the idea and clients said no!) I started to blog about my new discovered coaching niche: introverts and reluctant marketers.

    I don’t remember when I began to focus on almost everything introvert I just know with 505 blog posts I’m just getting the hang of blogging and guest posts.

    If you are more introverted and would like consideration for a guest post about anything introvert, please contact me.


  19. I blog about living with cancer. As a caregiver, I give information on how to handle a life altering diagnoses such as cancer from a variety of perspectives: caregivers, children, friends, folks on the perimeter, and the patients themselves. I try to give helpful suggestions and tips to keep relationships and life itself full and rich. heatherericksonauthor.com

  20. Mary Ellen Connett, M.S., LMFT
    Journey with a Dying Parent

    This Website and Blog Page is a special forum for adults who have entered, or are anticipating entering, the inevitable but dreaded time in life when your parent has reached the end of their life, and the family is about to be changed forever.

    This is also a place for helping professionals in the fields of medicine, psychotherapy, grief counseling, hospice or nursing care who work with terminally ill and dying patients and their families at this very difficult time.

    Mary Ellen Connett, licensed marriage and family therapist, brings her 30+ years of clinical experience, as well as her personal family experiences, into this inspirational, moment by moment, journey through a parent’s dying, honoring the parent while strengthening the family bonds that are so crucial for recovery, healing and closure.

    Here you will find:

    To dignify and honor a dying parent by considering inspirational suggestions to:

    Be fully present
    Personalize the experience
    Accept the inevitability of death
    Focus on “right now.”
    Maintain awareness
    Avoid judgment
    Allow grieving
    Experience the uniqueness
    Include all who are present
    Surrender and receive the gift of closure

    Ms. Connett will offer excerpts from her book, Hydrangeas from Dad: Inspirations for Staying Present, Staying Close and Dignifying a Dying Parent through the website’s Blog Page. We invite you to follow along, comment, offer feedback and share experiences of your own that will add meaning and depth to this interactive website and to the final production of the book, which we hope will reach adults and helping professionals worldwide to inspire a growing awareness that every person is alive and stays with us until the moment of their death, and how we interact with our dying parent and with each other has a powerful impact on dignifying our parent and creating the family bonds so necessary for healing during and after the parent’s death and throughout the family re-structuring.

  21. Hello. I have 2 blogs also. One is on social media. http://regjackonline.com How to leverage social media tools and platforms for your brand, cause, or business.
    The other is for cat owners. http://mycathairmatting.net A complete guide for good cat hair care.

  22. shrink231 says:

    Hi D’vorah,

    I blog about how spiritual singles can clear the barriers to love and manifest their SoulMate over at http://www.ManifestYourSoulmatewithEFT.com.

    I recently started a second blog of a more personal nature, as I was just diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer. I’m going the completely complimentary route of treatment intended to get at root causes, strengthen my body, and clear the stressors out of my life so my body can do what it’s made to do. Heal NATURALLY. The blog documents my inner healing. That blog is at http://www.EFTeverything.com

  23. I love all things Greek and have visited the island of Sifnos many times now. In my blog at http://www.thesifnoschronicler.wordpress.com, I share selected photographs and thoughts about what I have learned as a traveller to this magical place. The blog is a complement to my new book, “The Sifnos Chronicles: tales from a greek isle”, and the quirky, beguiling and oh-so-kind islanders who populate its pages.

  24. My focus is on the 50+ demographic writing about seniors issues and the transition of seniors from their traditional corporate life to their pre-retirement or retirement life. My Blog address is: http://seniorpreneur.wordpress.com

  25. I blog about all things BEEP…that is Bible Study, Eating Healthy, Exercise, and Prayer.

    I believe that exercise and eating healthy are to the body what prayer and Bible study are to the spirit. My book, Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health explores this in more depth.


    Thanks for the opportunity to share D’vorah!

  26. My blog is devoted to ancient cultures, especially the Mayan civilization of southern Mexico and Central America. I write historical fiction set in ancient Maya times, and spent many years developing expertise about their fascinating and complex, highly advanced civilization. Here is my blog:

  27. I blog about medical science. My audience is primarily college students who want careers in health care, students already in medical school who are worried about passing their licensing exams and faculty who teach in medical schools worldwide.

    There are many fine human anatomy teachers who blog online, but there are few like myself who specialize in teaching physiology.

    Physiology is difficult for students because it does not lend itself to memorization like anatomy. Also, modern medical science is advancing at an exponential rate and the original papers are difficult to read.

    About half of my followers are from outside the United States. Many are from poor countries that have inadequate medical schools and poor facilities for teaching.


    Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  28. julainamkc says:

    Hi D’vorah and Everyone,

    I appreciate this opportunity to share blogs with each other. I hope to check out everyone’s.

    I have two blogs also. One is http://www.timetowritenow.com
    which is about writing plus quotes, movie reviews, book reviews, interesting facts, and writing prompts, etc.

    The other is https://jkleist-corwin.com/
    It also involves The Arts but I had intended it to encourage interaction from readers, but, although I have many followers, hardly anyone participates.

    I will be posting my course on my Timetowritenow blog where I also post chapters from my women’s fiction book, Hada’s Fog. I plan to self publish it this year.Nina Amir’s book, How to Blog a Book inspired me.

    My anthology, Written Across the Genres is available on Amazon and Kindle. It contains stories, novel excerpts, essays, and poems by my writer friends and published authors from the San Francisco Writers Conference where I have been Registration Manager for the last 9 years. My short stories have been published by Harlequin, Las Positas College, and The California Writers Club Literary Review, among others.

    I teach a creative writing class in Dublin, CA. and I am secretary for Women’s National Book Association.

    I am interested in guest blogging on several topics: writing, pets, grief, and education.

    I’m looking forward to having my course accessible, but I’m behind in the assignments.

    Good luck to all of you.

  29. I blog abut anything I want to blog about. I know that doesn’t put me in a “niche” but it’s the way it is right now. I write about places I’ve been and what I’ve done.


  30. Thank you for the opportunity to share, D’Vorah!

    I blog about natural health and nutrition, as well as environmental concerns. I have a forthcoming video series on How to Stretch Organic Produce, menu planning, grocery shopping, How to Read Food Labels, How to Read Personal Products Labels, what ingredients to avoid and which alternatives are safe, as well as some recipes and shopping lists! Please visit me at http://www.thenaturalgirl.com

  31. I’m a writer of mystery and crime novels. “Capitol Crime” is my most recent big book. It’s up on Amazon. In looking for what I might give to my readers via a blog that they would both enjoy and appreciate – my readers who are by definition book readers – I chose to focus on books and writers. I may stray into movies and television shows on occasion, but I always hook back to who writes them. If there were not people who do as I do each day, hunch over a keyboard and tap out stories, there would be no books, no movies, no television shows . . . and no magazines or newspapers, either. I know, I was once a newspaper reporter and an editor. So I tell the stories of writers and the work they produce. And it’s a hoot doing so. Want to see what I write about? Here’s a link: http://jerrypetersonbooks.biz/my-blog.html

  32. Hello D’vorah: I love your romantic name. I read all your mails with great interest. You are most energetic and innovative.
    On blogging, so many people do! I have been blogging for some time at http://johnschwartzauthor.com and my content has evolved. I started out with political satire using my character Mars Man from Mars City TV Station to comment with his panel on Mother Earth’s Weekly Squirms. Now that I spend my time writing novels and short stories, my blog has evolved into writing about writing and all things concerning life. I don’t have many subscribers, but WordPress.com tells me that my blog gets 200-400 readers per time, worldwide (even Birma or Myamar!). It is all a matter of who is your audience, that mysterious invisible phenomenon that’s out there and you can’t touch until they show up. I secretly hope that some readers will buy my books too. All my best, John

  33. Isabel says:

    Hi D’vorah!
    My blog is in french and I started it back in 2010 with my 14 years old son, as I had everything to learn for online content. It’s about my recovery into health and life after I discovered the juice therapy and changed our entire diet. I write about my journey and I share how to do it: how to juice everyday, how to detox 2x a year with green juices, how to eat raw and rainbow salads, how to lose excess weight, how to exercise to regain strength and vitality. I wrote a serie of 4 books “Beginners guides” about juicing, detox, green smoothies and rainbow salads – as I did not know how to publish them they are in picture books and I just learned how to make them published ! Just before I joined the Course Creation Challenge !
    I make video-workshops and started a podcast serie about living kitchen and cooking. My blog is mostly inspired by my private coaching clients but I would like to expand for french speaking people. My next step is to blog about my new online classroom “Le Royaume des Jus” I just created to teach, leads and show my clients how to do it too! And for me, start a new life and a new carriere as my health is restored!
    Blog: http://ladyjeunesse.com/blog
    Course: http://www.leroyaumedesjus.com
    With lots of gratitude for being part of your writers community, D’vorah!

  34. Thank you D’vorah for opening your doors to us! I wrote the book On Becoming a Lemonade Maker, plus the first art journal companion workbook of a series. I blog about issues and experiences I feel are relavent to people who are working to overcome so many of life’s difficulties. I post and reblog encouraging and supportive articles… I also have a Guest Author/ Blogger Tab where I host people who are of similar mindsets! If you feel you’d like to be a Guest on my site, please just fill in the form on that page, and we’ll see about getting you set up!

    You can visit my site at http://www.onbecomingalemonademaker.wordpress.com

    I hope you enjoy your stay!

  35. Hello fellow travelers. I have just started to blog and so far have 3 posts and an audio meditation. The blog is about caregivers learning to care for themselves. It is at https://care4me2.wordpress.com/. I approach life from a spiritual center (as much as possible!) and teach others how to find their true Spirit Purpose and live from that place. I have a recently published book, “Revealing the Hidden Heart” with processes for personal and spiritual growth. Currently I am working on a course to be given online and in a small coaching group for “Caregivers Learning to Care for Themselves.” I am a coach for health and wellness, stress management and for spiritual concerns. I am also a Dr. of Oriental Medicine (the day job) and a caretaker for my wonderful, but ill wife. My main website is http://www.drvanwarren.com/ where my coaching programs are posted.Drop by. If any of you want to do the “guest blog thing”, let me know. Peace, Van

  36. Nicole says:

    Hi, I have a book review blog at abluegreenuniverse.com I’m developing my website with the help of my cosin and mom. I’m blind, but am starting a company called A Blue green Universe. I write under my pen name Mellissa Green. My book is being drafted and is called Kaos Reigns A Whydunit Serial. My website and blog can be found at abluegreenuniverse.com.
    It’s taking guest post submissions, and that offering is ongoing.

  37. Hi, My book will show you how to stay young longer and that your health is wealth. I gladly speak to any group who will listen. When castles crumble a fit body will help you get through it.

  38. Well it is inspiring to see the variety and breadth of interesting topics being exposed here. My blog is more prosaic. I try and help small businesses succeed in reaching customers with their offers. Most small businesses are sooooo bad at using the internet.

    I live in a rural area and any business that does even just the most basic thing right can boost their online ranking tremendously. The truth is that, despite years of free flowing information on line about internet marketing, there are still huge swaths of low competition environments out there. Moving businesses from terrible to poor is a major effort, but I am doing my best. At the same time, promoting video ads on Facebook for small businesses so they can get their video ads watched for a penny a click is a parallel effort of mine. I provide the basic information at my website http://bootstraplocalmarketing.com/ but I try and promote the Facebook ads at my facebook page. Just search for Bootstrap Local Marketing in the FB search graph.


  39. Wow! A whole lot of great blog topics posted here. I have two blogs: my author website where I blog about my writing process, my writing journey, and my books. I have a business blog where I (and writers in my group) talk about books from writing them to marketing.

    Author blog http://elkefeuer.com/blog/
    CayWriters blog: http://www.caywriters.com/blog/practice-isnt-perfect

    I was on a hiatus for a few months because I moved to another country and then moved houses, but I’m excited to get back to blogging regularly again!

    I write romantic suspense novels, but I’m working on a non-fiction writing book, and hope to branch into this area too.

  40. My blog, Mitch Inspires!, is about inspiration, mindfulness, transformation, creativity, and similar related topics, as well as news and updates on my activities as a “magical inspirational speaker” and author. I discuss the magic of creating what we want in our lives through the creative use of our imagination. Magic is the theme, inspiration is the objective. Please feel free to visit: http://mitchinspires.com/wp/blog/

  41. I blog about grief, loss, and healing. I have been a grief counselor for over twenty years, and have finally written my first book, Colors of Loss and Healing: An Adult Coloring Book for Getting Through Tough Times. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1530602130/ref=cm_sw_su_dp
    This book is specifically designed for adults experiencing a significant loss or challenge in their lives. I have chosen 35 words which provide a kind of blueprint toward healing, and I blog about each of these very important elements which are so very important for recovery.

  42. I have two blogs on my website, http://www.patriciamrobertson.com. One is on the Psalms. Each week I reflect on a psalm, working my way through all 150 of them. The other is “On Life and Writing”. I write on a variety of topics, including writing, but also life in general with a spiritual focus. I write fiction and non-fiction family oriented books. I don’t take people out of their day to day life, but help them appreciate what they have right before them in their day to day life, hence my tag-line, Unlocking the Extraordinary from the Every Day.

  43. Iyana says:

    Hello everyone. Thanks D’vorah. I am so looking forward to clicking some of the links in this comment section. Thank you all for sharing. My new website is not up yet. I started a free wordpress blog last year. I have a few posts there. https://thenewerview.com/

    What I write about is consciousness and thinking from many different angles. The website in progress is Consciousness Liberation dot com (not published yet). It is a publishing company for all type of approaches to expanding perspective.

  44. Hello!
    I write a business-oriented blog that is usually about the processes needed to manage effectively (project management, program management, budgeting, contracting, etc.). I try to post weekly either on my blog (http://governancehelp.blogspot.com/) or in Pulse (Linked-In’s blog).
    I’ve been pretty slack on it lately due to the time consumed getting my book published (some of the posts are about that experience). The book is called “Let It Simmer: Making Project, Portfolio and Program Management Practices Stick in Skeptical Organizations” and you can learn about it at http://www.simmer-system.com.

  45. Hello!
    I blog about dreams: how to find meaning in your dreams and how to find hidden beliefs in your dreams. (http://www.dreamdigging.net/blog/). The substance is taken from my course at http://courses.dreamdigging.net and general issues presented in my dream groups. I would like to offer dream groups to people in assisted living, nursing homes and hospice–for those who are willing. Dreams, when the messages have been discovered, have helped people pass peacefully and have helped their relatives let go.

  46. Virginia Reeves says:

    What a nice gift D’vorah. I don’t currently have a blog but I am posting weekly on LinkedIn. I’m the one that says Writer – acting on your own behalf. I also have a large series (and growing) of eBooks on Kindle under the umbrella title of Permission Granted Today. Same topics. I plan to start guest posting soon.

  47. I am in the process of setting up my website right now. It isn’t quite live yet though.

    At DisciplinedChildren.com, I help busy moms who are frustrated with all of the one-size-fits-all parenting advice to find the right discipline approach that works for their kids, not someone else’s idea of what an ideal kid looks like. Most of what I write about (will post on the site) is how to identify the unique characteristics that make up your unique child and how to best discipline with those characteristics in mind.

    My book that I’m working on is about promoting emotional intelligence in the early childhood years. I’m working right now to take the content that I have and make it match with the concept of my blog so that moms can figure out how to help their kids to build emotional intelligence with respect for their child’s personality characteristics. I’m not sure when the book will be done, since I’ve been working on it for a year and continue to make tweeks to it, but I just want to feel good about a product that I share with parents.

  48. Thank you, D’vorah, for providing this wonderful opportunity to your subscribers. A special thanks for the wealth of information you share so freely so often.

    The central theme of my book is that we can undo death by creating Heaven on Earth. I contend it was never God’s plan that we age, get sick, and die. Rather, we believe we must, and therefore we do. Conversely, I posit that we will ultimately defeat death through the power of our collective consciousness. I see unconditional kindness, extended between and among all people, as the tool for bringing this vision to fruition (a tall order, I realize).

    Here’s a link to the Public Posts page of my website: http://www.edwardfranco.com/Public_Posts.html.

    I also created a longevity blog: https://yourimmortallife.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/life-isnt-short.

    As a geriatric therapist, I’ve dedicated the bulk of my adult life to shifting perceptions around aging. I once had a boss who used to quip about the brevity of life by saying, “The first hundred years are the hardest.” By way of contrast, you could sum up the philosophy of my book as, “The first hundred years are… just getting started.”

    Thanks again.

    With gratitude and respect,
    Ed Franco

  49. Tandy says:

    On my blog http://www.timewithtndy.com I take the everyday events of life and find a greater meaning in them that inspires the reader to have a closer relationship with God.

  50. Even though I Blog for seniors, younger readers have gained valuable insight into how the aging process affects our body and our lives.

  51. Speaking Green Communications was founded to be a voice for sustainability and the adoption of alternative energy technologies.

    My blog, http://www.speakinggreencommunications.com/blog addresses the topics I speak on which includes alternative energy, water conservation, environment, advanced materials and sustainability.

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