Learn How to Gain More Visibility via a Virtual Podcast Tour!

Would You Like to Expand Your Reach, Transform Lives, and Grow Your Business?

Then You'll Want to Get Featured on Podcasts in Your Niche and Connect with
Eager Listeners Who Are Hungry to Hear What You Have to Say!

Build Relationships with Your Ideal Audience & Get Endorsed by Leaders in Your Field

Participating in a virtual podcast tour is one of the most effective things you can do to get your book, podcast, and business noticed by people who would benefit from your content.

By participating in a Virtual Podcast Your, you will get more speaking engagements, increase your credibility, and generate additional income. Think of all the people who could benefit from your knowledge and would be willing to pay for it!

In this Virtual Podcast Tours program, you'll receive a step-by-step blueprint for taking your book or podcast on an actual virtual podcast tour.

If you would like to get your virtual podcast tour up and running with maximum ease, and would like to save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money, we'd like to invite you to join us for this exciting program!

Normally $297 - Now Only $27

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We know, from personal experience, how important it is to get in front of one's ideal readers and listeners. We also know how challenging this can be. Before going through our program many of our students and clients had this, and other, concerns.

Some of the most common concerns and frustrations we hear are:"

  • I know if I can just get out in front of the right people they'd love me, but I don't know how to reach them."
  • "I feel like I'm the best kept secret in my field."
  • "I know my book can make a difference but I can't get people to read it."
  • "I want to get known & make a difference but don't know where to start."
  • "I can't get any traction in my business."
  • "I care so much about my message, but sometimes I wonder if anyone else cares about what I have to say."

If you answered yes and you are serious about your success, then you'll want to join us and an amazing and supportive group of authors and entrepreneurs for this exciting, interactive program!​

"One of the things we hear over and over from authors and readers, is that they struggle to find ways to connect with their ideal readers and prospects. With the Virtual Podcast Tours coaching and training program, you will have access to support and to a system that will allow you to grow your business and your reach while having the impact you want to have in the world!"

Introducing: Virtual Podcast Tours Coaching & Training Program

A virtual podcast tour is a way to promote your book or podcast without leaving your home or office. You "travel" virtually from podcast to podcast speaking on your topic and spreading your message to the people who most need and want to hear it.

During your virtual podcast tour you participate in a series of interviews, over a determined period of time. This provides you with exposure to many new audiences in a concentrated period of time.

The powerful yet easy-to-apply strategies you'll learn in this program, will allow you to expand your reach, credibility and your sales, as well as allow you to gain exposure to thousands of new readers and listeners.

If you are ready to share your message with the world, this program is for you!

You’ll have access to a step-by-step training program and special bonuses. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in our private discussion forum where you can interact with other members, share your ideas, and get answers to your specific questions. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn alongside others who are taking action on the same material you are taking action on, you’ll have opportunities to team up for our interactive, hands-on, activities.

Are you ready to:

  • Get more virtual and in-person speaking engagements
  • Sell more books and products to people who will benefit from your message
  • Grow ongoing relationships with your audience​

Here's what your learn...

Module One: Plan Your "Rock Star" Podcast Tour
In this module you'll discover insider tips for planning out a podcast tour that creates lots of buzz for your podcast, book, or business. Learn the three things you must do before you get started, to ensure that your podcast tour is a success!

Module Two: Get Featured on Podcasts in your Niche

Getting featured on the right podcasts is crucial. Being a guest on a top podcast can help you reach thousands of listeners. In this module you'll learn secrets for getting booked on top podcasts. We'll equip you with sample scripts and templates for what to say to become the "go to" podcast guest in your field.​

Module Three: Become a "Stand Out" Podcast Guest
Learn how to avoid the five deadly sins of boring podcast guests, and get surefire tips for keeping the audience excited and engaged. When you develop a reputation as a great podcast guest, you are more likely to get invited back on shows and to get featured on additional podcasts.

Module Four: Participate in Practice Interviews
Participating in practice interviews will provide you with the opportunity to get comfortable speaking online. In this module you'll prepare your speaker bio, craft a compelling list of interview questions, create a call-to-action and participate in practice interviews.

Module Five: Gain Massive Visibility from Your Podcast Tour
We'll explore a variety of strategies to promote your virtual podcast tour. You'll discover free, yet powerful ways to get the word out about your podcast tour while growing your listener base, increasing your sales and expanding your visibility.

Enjoy This Exclusive Collection of Special Bonuses

Bonus 1: Secrets to Powerful Storytelling - Audio Training - Parts 1 & 2

Learn how to tell stories that attract your ideal clients and readers. In this audio training, you'll discover a proven formula for becoming a great storyteller. You'll learn insider tips to make your audience laugh, cry and connect with you. Podcast hosts are looking for guests who can share memorable stories with their audience and these skills will give you an edge in getting featured on their programs.

Part 1: Secrets to Powerful Storytelling

Part 2: The Secrets to Powerful Storytelling – Advanced Strategies

Become THE go-to podcast guest in your field!
$197 Value

Bonus 2: Exclusive "Get Booked" Webinar with Doug and D'vorah

Get Booked on Podcasts in Your Niche! Join Doug and D'vorah for a hands-on, info-packed workshop. We'll discuss advanced strategies for not only getting booked on podcasts in your niche, but also how to connect with the leading experts and celebrities in your niche. Multiply your reach exponentially, with the strategies you'll learn in this virtual workshop.

You'll be able to access some very special, behind the scenes strategies!

$97 Value

Bonus 3: Training on Podcast Topics for Fiction & Nonfiction Authors

An important part of growing your community of podcast listeners and readers is providing valuable content. In this bonus training you'll receive training on how to develop compelling ideas and topics for your podcast tour.

Coming up with topics of interest to your audience will create eager listeners!

$97 Value

Bonus 4: Earn Your Spot in the Virtual Podcast Tour Hall of Fame

Earn your spot in the Virtual Podcast Tour Hall of Fame! Get your voice heard and your work discovered by our amazing community of authors and entrepreneurs.

This exposure can also open up new doors of opportunities for you.

Gain additional exposure now, and into the future!

$197 Value

If you'd like to amplify your voice and expand your reach,
you'll want to join us for this exciting program!

Normally $297 - Now Only $27

How You'll Benefit by Participating in the
Virtual Podcast Tours Program

In this interactive training program, we’ll guide you through the exact process that will allow you to get booked on popular podcasts in your niche. We'll also equip you to become a great podcast guest, so you get asked back and referred to other hosts. And you'll learn insider tips and tricks for becoming the sought after expert in your niche.

Popular podcasts can have tens of thousands of listeners. If even a fraction of those listeners purchase your book, join your list, or sign up as new clients, what would that be worth to you?

What would it be like to have a proven system for getting out in front of your ideal prospects and readers any time you'd like, simply by being featured on the right podcasts in your niche?

By the end of this program you will have the tools and skills that will allow you to consistently get booked on relevant podcasts in your niche. We’ll share a step-by-step system, complete with templates and scripts, on how to reach out to guests and what to say.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to connect on a deep level with listeners and build instant credibility so they can’t wait to buy your book or sign up for your programs.

Normally $297 - Now Only $27

** Refund Policy: Due to the nature of this incredible offer, and the fact that you gain instant access to the
training and all of the special bonuses, there are no refunds available with this package.