Showcase: Trish Dennison – 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Trish Dennison: of Canada and

Name of Challenge: 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Course registration page:

My passion is to help women connect to their inner worth and embrace a self care practice that helps them be more happy, healthy and peaceful.

My ideal audience is women between 25 and 65 who feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, wanting to feel healthier, less stressed and manage their health and weight but don’t know what to do or where to begin.

Challenge Description: This 7 day Healthy Habits Challenge brings awareness to unconscious daily habits and helps them recognize what serves them and what doesn’t. I hope to inspire them to implement some new simple, healthy habits for body, mind and emotions and experience the benefits as they set out on a new path of health, peace and happiness.

What type of content / course material – will your course include?
This course is delivered in PDF format with education, action steps and reflection pages for each days challenge. Some days also have a healthy shopping checklist included, food sources of essential nutrition and instructions on creating focused visions and intentions to inspire them along the way.

What are you enjoying most about the Challenge Creation Program?

What I enjoy most about this Challenge program is how much I have grown. With D’vorah’s expert, insightful, inspiring teaching, support and encouragement I kept on keeping on. Each step of the way, one step at a time I learned the steps to take my expertise from my head, create a system of steps as a course challenge and how to deliver it professionally and easily to my clients and subscribers.

The friendships and camaraderie among fellow participates creates a safe at home feeling that we all thrive on and the support within the group is to be celebrated.

What words of wisdom would you share with incoming students? With D’vorah Lansky you are in good hands. She has a sparkling way of being herself at the same time she imparts great wisdom and expertise that one can only be impressed and inspired by. I will continue my journey with D’vorah and always look forward to what she has for us next. This lady truly can guide you from where you are to where you want to be, one step at a time. Do join us 🙂

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