Showcase: Margaret Reece, PhD – Course Title: 30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology

margaret-reeceMargaret Reece PhD, author of Physiology: Custom-Designed Chemistry

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30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology

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This course is designed for college students who must learn human physiology to get into healthcare professional training programs and for medical students studying for their Step 1 licensing exam.

Course Description:

achiever-badgeInstructors say that physiology is hard to teach. Students say that they struggle to learn it. This course explains that physiology possesses a basic structure. Physiology is like a computer’s or website’s operating system – the hardware. It is active in the background and supports various programs and themes. In this course students learn about physiology’s underlying structure, the operating system, and a program named ‘human being’.

What type of content / course material – will your course include?

The course begins by describing the chemical processes used by scientists to explain how individual body compartments function. The same small set of chemical processes are used over and over in physiology. Identical chemistry is used to enable function of the brain, the heart, the kidney and every other organ of the body. Next, basic components of each of physiology’s three master controllers, nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, are explored and used to show how the controllers interact in real life. Case studies include live bone, flight-or-fight response, exercise and control of blood pressure and volume. Near the end of the course students use their new knowledge to craft a plan for updating their understanding of physiology as research uncovers additional information.

Kudos for the Course Creation Challenge

I love being a member of the course creation challenge. As an author, I was told that the best way to market my book is to create an online course to go with it. But, there are so many steps involved in creating a course and offering it online. Where to begin and how to decide between the options? The choices were overwhelming and encouraged procrastination. Then I found D’vorah.

Not only does she organize the process of creating content, choosing and implementing a platform and marketing your course, she MODELS HOW TO DO IT! I knew how to teach physiology before, but now I know how to offer an online physiology course. My course is live, and it is modeled after one of the best. Besides all that, the community D’vorah built provides me with an online home of like-minded people. (D’vorah, I am very serious that your modeling of course options was critical to my being able to do this.)

What words of wisdom would you share with incoming students for the Course Creation Challenge?

New students in the course creation challenge, be patient with yourself. Take it one step at a time. Master that step and then move to the next. Once you grasp the whole process, you’ll have it forever. You can use it over and over with minimal effort.

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