Showcase: Larisa Sharipova – Challenge Title: Decode Your Cravings in 10 Days

Larisa Sharipova, author of Listen to Your Body and regain You Health – Country of Residence: USA

Name of Larisa’s Challenge: Decode Your Cravings in 10 Days
Course Registration Page:

Course Description: Participants learn about reasons for different types of cravings and be able to identify their own. They receive a clear road map and daily step-by-step instructions that keep them engaged and help them understand the root case of their food choice. They discover how to end their struggles with emotional, stressful, and convenient eating by going through powerful exercises and action steps. This process heals not only their relationships with food but also creates a ripple effect that impacts every aspect of their lives.

This program is for men and women who want to understand and distance themselves from destructive eating habits to achieve and maintain a healthy body composition without obsession, restriction, perfectionism, shame, or guilt.

Type of content / course material included: This is a self-led program that broken down into modules that opens daily. The curriculum is delivered via a combination of interactive online modules, downloadable workbooks, dynamic assessments and emails.

What are you enjoying most about the course creation challenge.

I love and enjoy the course creation challenge. It challenges me to work on my priorities, schedule a time for creating my course. I like a great support of the group and a personal touch from D’vorah. I’m very happy with delivery of the course and involvement we have in the discussions of the group on Facebook. My favorite parts are hands on and field trips. I feel more confident and be able to create many other courses. Thank you, D’Vorah for amazing experience.

What words of wisdom would you share with incoming students for the Course Creation Challenge?

I would highly recommend this course to practitioners who is ready to take their business to the next level and extend their client reach. This intense and hands on program helped me to create something that I dreamed about and thought that it was too difficult and unattainable. Now, I feel confident and ready for more.


  1. Larissa, Congratulations on creating your challenge course! What a terrific and important topic and title—key understandings for people wanting to move toward better health. I’m now motivated even more to create my own challenge course! My field is promoting optimal health, too, and getting a handle on cravings is a huge step in that process. I suspect I’ll be referring some of MY clients to YOUR challenge! Thanks!

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