Showcase: Janet Wahl – Course Title: Dream Digging 1: The Ullman Method and Online Dream Group

Janet-WahlJanet Wahl of the USA

Book Title: Discover the Messages in Your Dreams with the Ullman Method

Name of Course: Dream Digging 1

My Ideal Audience: People who want to know the meaning of their dreams.

achiever-badgeCourse Description: Students will receive video instruction in recalling their dreams and in the dream group process invented by Montague Ullman, MD. At the end of the instruction, they are invited to participate in an online Ullman dream group. It will meet twice a month for 90 minutes to process one dream.

Course Registration Page:

The Course Materials Include: videos, pdf of slides, checklists, free audio recording to assist in dream recall, live webinars.

Each lesson includes a video presentation with a pdf for note taking. A free checklist, template, and downloadable audio to help remember dreams are included in the free introduction. Live Q&A teleseminars are held twice a month. The online dream group meets twice a month on a secure site which allows all participants to be visible simultaneously–just like a real-life dream group! Members are required to commit to 8 sessions to build trust. Realize the value of your dreams!

1. The free introduction provides ways to remember dreams and what to record in a dream journal.
2. The steps of the Ullman dream group method are described in detail.
3. After completing the Ullman dream group course, you are invited to join an online dream group that follows this method.

What I’m enjoying most about the course creation challenge: Without the support of the Course Creation Challenge, I would not have found the tools to realize one of my dreams: to teach about and conduct online dream groups. I especially enjoyed the community D’vorah created to support and cheer us on. She is a master at creating relationships online. It is so refreshing to be taught by an educator as well as a marketing expert, D’vorah’s unique combination of skills.

Words of Wisdom to Course Participants: Be patient with yourself. I needed longer than 30 days to complete this work. Realize that you are learning teaching and presentation skills at the same time as building another website and learning supporting technology.

More About Janet’s Course

How Participants Benefit: When dreams are understood, they have
– inspired works of art (Salvador Dali, Ingmar Bergman)
– solved problems (the benzene molecule)
– helped the dreamer determine when to retire
– warned the dreamer of a serious illness—before it was diagnosed by doctors
– provided healing imagery for cancer patients

Benefits I receive from conducting online dream groups: Because we are all connected, participants often benefit from another person’s dream. A comment made during a session to help another person propelled me to go to the Hypnotherapy Academy of America–a career change. This would never have happened had I not been in that dream group.

At the end of each dream group, the dream sharer is always astonished (“always” is not an exaggeration) to learn the multiple layers of meaning in her dream. “The process is amazing!” is frequently the comment.

Dreams are a valuable resource. Treasure them–even the scary ones–even the fragments.

“There is no such thing as an unimportant dream.” Montague Ullman, MD

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