Showcase: Connie Dunn – Course Title: Children’s Book Writing System: 30 Day Challenge

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Name of Course: Children’s Book Writing System: 30 Day Challenge

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Who Is Your Ideal Audience?

Writers who want to write a Children’s Book (Picture Book, Early Chapter Book, and Chapter Books)

Course Description:

achiever-badgeThis is a 30-Day Challenge Course delivered over four weeks. Each week beginning, October 1, 1016, the material will be made available one module at a time with Daily Action Steps to walk you through the processes of Organizing, Writing, Publishing, and Marketing. The Children’s Book Writing System is part of a series of courses: Behind the Scenes with Connie. The course takes you from concept through marketing.

What Type of Content/Course Material Will Your Course Include?

Each week, a video/videos will be uploaded to the Members’ Area, along with Daily Action Steps. The Daily Action steps include, some information about the topic of the day, a journaling page, and a worksheet. Each of these are designed to help you think out and plan each and every step of creating your Children’s Book. There will be a Private Facebook Group for participants to post their accomplishes, get questions answered, and get to know each other. Each week, there will be a Q&A Call so that their questions will get answered and participants can celebrate their progress as they move through the course material.

What Have You Most Enjoyed about the Course Creation Challenge?

This course is comprehensive and provides so many details that it also serves as a model for courses. While the course did not outline every step in creating a Course Challenge, it modeled down to the smallest detail what a 30-Day Course Challenge would entail. Not only did I learn how to create the course, but I was able to take D’vorah’s workbook, which contained all the worksheets, and duplicate with modifications to suit my course.

So I published a workbook and set up the course to deliver the Daily Acton Steps, which are also in the workbook, just as D’vorah Lanskey did with her 30-Day Course Creation Challenge for Authors. Not only would I highly recommend the Course Creation Challenge for anyone who wants to create a course but I suggest you use all her material and the workbook as a case study for developing almost anything. D’vorah often talks about using material you’ve written in more than one way to leverage that offering into other products. This Course Creation Challenge models that well!

What Words of Wisdom Would You Share with incoming students for the Course Creation Challenge?

Pay close attention to the manner in which D’vorah sets up her videos and course material, as well as the content. D’vorah is a Master Creator of training materials. She makes all the material reachable and learnable to anyone no matter what their mode of learning happens to be. This course is set up for 30-days; however, there is no pressure to do this course within that time frame. Life happens, give yourself a break, but don’t set aside this course. Come back to it! It has so many gold nuggets hidden within it. Find those and emulate them within your own courses, books, and marketing.

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