Episode 31: M. Shannon Hernandez – Social Media Engagement and Using Hashtags to Increase the Reach of Your Podcast

m-shannon-hernandez-SEpisode 031: M. Shannon Hernandez
with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Description of Today’s Episode: My guest today is Shannon Hernandez, after 15 years in education she launched into the entrepreneurial world with a passion for bringing more compassion into the classrooms. After writing her book, Breaking the Silence, My Final 40 Days as a School Teacher, and launching the podcast Transforming Public Education, she realized that she needed to proactively build her audience through the use of social media tools. She discusses some great ways to turn heads on Twitter and shares the benefits of podcasting as an author. She leaves us today with great tips that will get you acknowledging your successes and moving forward in the podcasting world.

Episode 031: M. Shannon Hernandez: Social Media Engagement and Using Hashtags to Increase the Reach of Your Podcast
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Show Notes

About Shannon

Our guest today is M. Shannon Hernandez of www.TheWritingWhisperer.com

Shannon is a college professor, former public school teacher of 15 years, education activist, and author of the book, Breaking the Silence: My Final Forty Days as a Public School Teacher. Shannon’s podcast, Transforming Public Education is a voice for educators and a cry for student-centered education reform. Shannon blogs passionately about public education for her website and The Huffington Post.

Main Questions Asked

  • Can you tell us about your author success journey and how you got started podcasting?
  • How did you take your book concept and turn it into a podcast?
  • How did you discover how to reach your audience?
  • What is a hashtag and how can you get more people connected by using it?
  • What do you do to keep your momentum going?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Turn your book into a podcast by taking feedback and input from your audience and discussing it on your podcast.
  • Realize that sometimes your audience will have to be educated on what podcasts are. You may want to use alternate language, for example calling it an audio blog. Make a set of easy to follow instructions on how to download ITunes, find your podcast and subscribe.
  • A hashtag is a pound symbol with a word or group of words following it. These tags help organize conversations and information around a common theme. To find a popular hashtag that correlates to your subject search for “hashtags in the (your topic) industry” or use www.hashtagify.me. Make sure when you enter the hashtag into twitter you see resent activity on it.
  • To get more listeners: make a blog for each podcast, add guest details, take away tips, and an audio player.

Benefits for Authors

  • Using hashtags will allow your material to cross pollinate across niches of similar topics. For example: traditional schooling and home schooling.
  • Podcasting is another key part of your content marketing that allows your audience to access your content while on the go.
  • Podcasts also allow your audience to hear your voice, your passion, and get to know you as a human being.
  • Guest blogging on the blogs of others can increase your audience exponentially thus increasing your sales.

Shannon’s Podcasting Tips

  • Don’t get hung up on the numbers. If you have an audio player on your blog you may have many more listeners than your download numbers indicate. Make sure you take that into account, relax, and enjoy yourself.
  • Keep your momentum going by networking with others in related fields, look into controversial topics, and ask people what they want to know and what problems they are having.
  • If you wait for the perfect first episode to launch your podcast you will never get there.
  • Remember your passion and keep it real!

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