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JuggleBecoming more productive and organized will allow us to accomplish more and make time for the things that we need to do and those that we want to do. The following tips are from our author community, in response to a recent survey. Thank you all for sharing your brilliance! D’vorah

Another way you can learn more about becoming more productive is to listen in to the replay from our Productivity Workshop!

videoIn this workshop D’vorah shares her top two most favorite productivity strategies. She says that putting these two strategies into play are what allowed her to go from a hobby income to a full time income, as an author.

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Tips Shared by Our Author Community

ConnieDunnConnie Dunn of
Author of: When Panda Was a Boy: a collection of stories on gender identification for K-8

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: It is difficult to be productive and organized for most writers, so first, give yourself a break. Then, gather all the paper on your desk and put it into folders with labels, weeding out stuff that can get thrown out. Quit printing e-mails and store them online! Try very hard to go “paperless!” Once you have it mastered, you’ll never go back to holding on to paper.

Action Steps

  1. Scan all important documents that you need to keep for more than 6 weeks.
  2. File them by topic in folders in your computer.
  3. Never print stuff you can save into a folder.
  4. Important e-mails should be saved into folders either in your e-mail account or on your computer.
  5. Don’t forget to backup regularly. Even better: get your computer to automatically backup on cloud storage!

Bonus Tip: I have an accountability partner with whom I set weekly goals. She does the same with me. We talk once a week to stay accountable. If we have not met our goals, we have to fess up to why. We talk about what has gone well and what has not. We often talk out problems that we have, so that we are both more productive and organized. We also share resources that solve our problems. The saying, “two heads are better than one,” actually applies in our relationship. Setting up an accountability partner is fairly easy. Pick someone for whom you trust and can relate. It works best if both partners want an accountability partner, because then both people get something out of the relationship.


deborah-marshDeborah Hunter-Marsh of
Author of: Deliver Us From Evil

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: Here are my tips:

  • Do important emails first thing each day: 1-2 hours
  • Do social media next: 30-45 minutes
  • Do special projects next, like book reviews, media kit, etc.
  • Try to work in a quiet place even if it means going to the library with as few interruptions as possible.
  • Reprioritize every day.
  • I do special projects on the weekends if I have time.

Comment: I have one girl, my niece, who helps with social media and our e-newsletter.

donna fitchDonna K. Fitch of
Author of: 5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Website

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: I like to use multiple colors of highlighters on my planner so I know what time I have for what tasks. I mark in green for my day job, yellow for personal appointments (like doctors, etc.), blue for church responsibilities, aqua for learning opportunities (coaching calls, webinars), pink for time for client work, and purple for my own marketing and course creation. (I blogged about this system in “8 Steps to Coloring Away Your Overwhelm.“)

Jennifer Dugan
Author of: Norma’s Nuggets

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: Break larger goals – which can feel daunting- into smaller tasks. This makes it feel more manageable, less overwhelming and can provide a sense of accomplishment as you check off tasks completed towards the goal. Byproduct is improved self-esteem which will increase likelihood of reaching the goal.

I use a real life example of doing laundry – which I hate and find daunting. So, when I think of all the laundry that needs to get done I can feel overwhelmed, resulting in me wanting to say “forget it-I’ll do it later and just go to target to get socks etc until I can face the laundry!

So I break it down:

  1. Just gather laundry into baskets (tasks are for day one or hour one – however I am feeling)
  2. Bring basket to laundry room
  3. Sort laundry
  4. Put one load in…

You get the drift! Has truly helped me!

lucy-jenningsLucy Jennings of

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: In January, I cut up a calendar and tack each month up on a big corkboard. I use sticky notes to plan out what I’m going to do inside each month. As each month goes by, I turn the calendar around and have a nice picture to look at.

Since I was a teacher, I decided to plan my weeks in the same way I used to do lesson plans. I made a master copy of each day, which looks a lot like my lesson plans did. Instead of spelling, reading and math, I have sections for social media, writing, learning, etc.

Each Sunday I refer to my big calendar, then fill in my weekly plans. The sticky notes work great for me because I often have to adjust my plans. When things don’t go as planned, I just re-stick the note.

margaret-reece-nyMargaret Reece of
Author of: Inside the Closed World of the Brain, How brain cells connect, share and disengag–and why this holds the key to Alzheimer’s disease

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: Find a comfortable quiet space that is yours alone, schedule a regular routine of spending a block of hours there, turn off all communication devices and let your family and fiends know that those are your times to work or read without interruption. I find an office outside of my home is most effective for gaining the time I need to focus on my writing.

nancyhvestNancy Vest of

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized:

At the end of each day, jot down three tasks that need to be accomplished the following day.

Having a place to start each morning gets the day rolling along.

Pam FitrosPam Fitros of
Author of: Boldly Bald Women

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: Start with a solid foundation and build from there. For me that meant getting a filing system organized – both at home and on the computer. At home I have a combination of files in a filing cabinet and a separate 3 ring binder for each course, divided into modules. In the computer it meant listing all the various aspects of online learning and organizing them into easily retrievable files and sub-files.

I know it sounds obvious, but it amazed me how easily and quickly information can accumulate and then get easily and quickly lost because I couldn’t remember where I put it in my computer. By the time I got to sorting it out, it was like a length of tangled yarn and took a long frustrating time to get it untangled and properly rewound. Although it seems obvious and simple, taking care of that one aspect has increased my productivity because I’m no longer spending time in overwhelm mode trying to find something. Now I spend that time in production mode. Feels soooooo much better.

Comment: D’vorah is so consistently organized that it is easier to stay organized myself.

peggy-mcaloonPeggy McAloon of
Author of: Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals

Tip on Becoming More Productive and/or Organized: Email is a time leech and productivity buster. Turn off email. Set aside three 30 minute time periods each day to review your messages. Don’t cheat…when your allotted time limit is up, turn it off. You’ll be amazed how much more productive and focused you become.



Share Your Comments: Do you have a favorite productivity or keeping organized tip or tool? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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