The Power of Offering a Challenge Experience to Your Audience

Offering a challenge experience to your audience is a great way to grow your business, your brand, and your book sales.

By offering a challenge experience you can also grow your email list, your credibility and your bottom line.

Challenges provide a wonderful way to deliver content and a manageable way for students to consume content and apply what they learn, in a step-by-step fashion.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to offering a challenge experience to your audience. Bottom line, give thought to what your area of expertise is, what  you’d enjoy teaching and what solution members of your niche audience are seeking.

To help stimulate ideas for you, here’s a list of examples of challenges being created in our community:

  • Adult Children Challenge
  • Building Courage Challenge
  • Career Tune Up Challenge
  • Developing Healthy Habits
  • Devotions Challenge
  • Divorce Support Challenge
  • Emotional Wellness Challenge
  • From Sorrow to Serenity Challenge
  • Healthy Green Juice Challenge
  • Instagram Challenge
  • Living with Purpose Challenge
  • Manuscript Momentum Challenge
  • Meditation Challenge
  • Memoir Writing Challenge
  • Reducing Worry Challenge
  • Sleep and Relaxation Challenge
  • Write a Nonfiction Book Challenge
  • Worksite Wellness Challenge

Join in the Conversation:

  • Have you seen or participated in a challenge experience you’ve enjoyed? Tell us about it…
  • Is there a topic for a Challenge you wish you had access to? What would that challenge be about?
  • Scroll down and share your thoughts…

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  1. D'vorah Lansky says:

    I’ve learned so much, by participating in challenges. That’s what inspired me to begin creating them and offering them to our author community.

    Of all of the online programs I’ve taught (28 to date) the ones where students seem to accomplish the most are the Challenge based programs. There is something powerful about providing your audience with bite-size training and action steps.

    Q: What is the name, or proposed name of your challenge and what is it about?

    Q: And/or – what Challenge Topic do you wish you had access to as a participant?

  2. William McPeck says:

    My challenge is: Creating A Worksite Wellness Program Plan in 30 Days or Less. While close to 80% of mid to large size employers have a worksite wellness program of some type, recent survey research revealed that less than 15% of the surveyed employers have an employee health and wellness plan in place. Researchers have clearly established that having a plan is an important antecedent to a successful worksite wellness program. My goal with the challenge is to create a focused, time sensitive opportunity for a worksite wellness practitioner to create a basic worksite wellness program plan for their program.

    No additional challenge building related topics come to mind at the moment.

    • William. I worked for a large employer before I was laid off last year. The worksite wellness program is critical for keeping healthy employees. Especially in this neck of the woods (Seattle) where Amazon and Microsoft keep their employees going 100 miles an hour. This will be a good one for corporations to incorporate into their HR benefits.

  3. My Challenge is titled FROM SORROW TO SERENITY: 21 STEPS FROM GRIEF TO PEACE. My participants are overwhelmed, unfocussed and frustrated as they are grieving a situation whether it is the death of someone they love, the end of a relationship, an empty nest, a parent’s dementia, or feeling a lack of purpose in their lives. My challenge will help them take a simple step every day, for 21 days, to inch their way toward peace, focus, and a feeling of empowerment.

    • Hi Uma
      This is needed for sure! I have had several friends lose their husbands and the grief process can be so confusing. To have a challenge to walk them through the days toward peace will be wonderful. I had a really hard time when my oldest went off to college. Now I’m an empty nester as my youngest moved away too. My mom had dementia so I relate to all of your topics. I have a friend who started a nonprofit for women in abusive marriages in the affluent arena of life. This would be good for them too. I will connect you two.

  4. umagir says:

    My Challenge is titled FROM SORROW TO SERENITY: 21 STEPS FROM GRIEF TO PEACE. My participants are overwhelmed, unfocused, and in pain. They are grieving a loss whether it is the death of someone they love, the end of a relationship, an empty nest, a parent’s dementia, or a lack of purpose and meaning in their lives. Through this challenge, they will be able to take a simple step every single day, for 21 days, to move toward peace, focus and a sense of empowerment.

    • jan says:

      Like Dvorah mentioned on one of the calls…it does sound like we are serving a similar or related audience. Do you have a date set yet for your challenge?

  5. My challenge is a 7 day Healthy Habits Challenge
    My participants are wanting to live healthy but don’t know where to begin. They are unaware of simple health basics that can make a huge difference. The goal of this challenge is to bring conscious awareness to their present patterns as they begin to implement simple healthy habits; drinking more water; deep belly breathing, stress checking the body; tracking their sugar and carbohydrate intake; learning the standard essential vitamins and herbs needed and creating a routine for consistency; paying attention to their thoughts and subsequent feelings; doing a gratitude list and questioning what it is they really want. Through this challenge they will begin to feel better, become aware of unconscious habits and be open and eager to learn what they can do next. This challenge is free. I plan to poll them afterward and together choose the next 30 day pilot challenge.

    • This is good Trish. I need to remember those things for good health. I will hook you up with my friend Stacy who has an amazing program she is developing for self-care. It will be good for you to connect and perhaps cross-sell or partner with your ideas.

  6. jan says:

    Created a visual for my challenge …. so will post in the facebook group. Can’t see a way to post the visual image here. Proposed title is: Hug Your Dream Today Challenge. Picked a tentative start date…May 25th. Have several urls associated with this that I could use….believe I will be using this one: The content is only very roughly mapped out so it could change…but for now I’m planning on a 21 day challenge. It’s all about giving one’s dream the love and attention it deserves and supporting them in moving toward their dream now …not later….small, easy, fun daily steps.

  7. I am behind in the creation process. A lot is stirring though. I am definitely inspired by those of you who are in action and completing this puzzle.

  8. I plan to create a challenge for manuscript momentum. It is designed to help writers keep going on their manuscript once they come home from a conference or once they finish a class.

    I also plan to create a 7 day challenge to draw them into my list. I’m still working on that.

    SO many ideas, I’m running out of space in my journal. 🙂

    I create journals so I plan to also have a journal writing challenge to encourage getting into a journal writing habit.

    I am working on a webinar separate from this challenge and the challenge will be a feature offer of the webinar. So I feel like I do a little bit of each every day!

  9. This is a great idea for encouraging audience engagement. I was going to offer an ’email course’, but I think a Challenge sounds more interesting to potential students. Thanks for the idea!

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