Episode 035: Bill O’Hanlon – Grow Your Business by Building Relationships

new-Podcast-Cover-MasterEpisode 035: Bill O’Hanlon with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Podcast Description: In today’s episode Bill O’Hanlon, author of over 30 books and a guest on Oprah, joins us to discuss how he reaches more readers. Bill wants authors to realize that they are 100% responsible for getting their work out there no matter who is the publisher. He shares simple ways to be productive and not overwhelmed by the marketing process and tells us why Facebook is his number one social media go-to resource. Bill’s views on “the author’s three main functions” will help you to get perspective and clarity.

Episode 035: Bill O’Hanlon – Grow Your Business by Building Relationships
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Show Notes Bill-chin-on-booksAbout Bill: Bill O’Hanlon has presented over 3500 times all over the world in 30+ countries, and published 30+ books. He was featured on Oprah with his book Do One Thing Different. He teaches people how to write and publish their nonfiction books in record time and has coached over 200 books by others into publication. www.billohanlon.com

Bill’s Response to the Interview Questions:

Question: What do you feel is the most effective way for authors to reach more readers?

  • “Authors are responsible for getting their work out there. More and more speaking opportunities are being found online rather than off.  Another very effective way to reach people is by building an email list of individuals that you email like they are your friend For better results, don’t constantly bombard your list with self serving messages, instead focus on developing relationships.”

Question: With all the information and programs available online, it’s easy for today’s author to get overwhelmed. What tip can you offer to help authors overcome overwhelm and/or become more productive?

  • “If you are a ‘yes’ person, you need to learn how to use the gentle and effective “no.” Get clear as an author on your mission, your passion and what you want to contribute, and stick to that. Also, if you can systemize and webify something you do on a regular basis that takes up time, do it.”

Question: What is your favorite social network and why?

  • “To maximize your social media efforts use Facebook. Be aware that Facebook will cap you at 5,000 friends so if you combine your friends, family and business connections you may reach your limit very quickly. Make sure to utilize ‘pages’ and ‘groups’ so you do not overload your friending ability.”

Question: What thoughts would you like to leave us with?

  • “Realize you have three functions as an author; your unique ideas and passions that are formed into your message, how you shape your message for readers, and your marketers mind. All three areas must be attended to.”

bill-one-thing-differentRead Bill’s Book – As Featured on Oprah: Do One Thing Different www.reachmorereaders.com/bookbybill

You can move quickly from “stuck” to “smooth sailing” in all aspects of your life using Bill O’Hanlon’s ten easy Solution Keys, Humorous, direct, and effective, they help you change how you view and “do” your problems-from difficult relationships to enhancing sexuality and resolving conflicts of all kinds. The next time you have a problem, try one of these solution Keys:

  • Break Problem Patter: Change any one of what you usually do in the problem situation-i.e. do one thing different! Example: If you usually get angry and defensive, sit quietly and listen.
  • Find and Use Solution Pattern: Import solutions from other situations where you felt competent. Examples: what do you know on the golf course that you forget when you get behind the wheel of your car? What do you say to resolve a problem with an angry customer that you don’t say to your angry partner?
  • Shift Your Attention: Focus what you would like to have happen rather than on what is happening.

Grounded in therapeutic practice, this bold and funny book will put you back in control of your emotions and your life. www.reachmorereaders.com/bookbybill

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