Pinterest is Changing the Social Media Game! by Sara F. Hathaway

sara-hathawayby Sara F. Hathaway

Pinterest is a valuable tool for all businesses that is often overlooked for the potential it has. This social media site is busy building an online discovery engine to help billions explore interests and plan for the future. Their visual format brings an encyclopedia of information to life and for people who love to learn, like myself, it is an endless resource of information on any topic. Pinterest is currently boasting over 70 million users so the potential for finding interested individuals on this site is endless. 96% of active Pinners have used Pinterest to gather information, 93% have used it as a planning tool to make a purchase, and 87% have purchased a product because of Pinterest.

PinterestClearly your business should be on Pinterest where so many people are going to find out product information before they make a purchase. Businesses are a natural and welcome part of Pinterest. Without businesses and bloggers they would not have half of the information on products and ideas that they are proud to display. Pinterest gives you the opportunity to get discovered by millions of users asking questions, wanting connections and taking action on that information. Pinterest has some great resources to keep your business in the eyes of potential customers. They offer analytics tools that show you exactly what’s working and what’s not. The traditional search engines will pick up on your pinned information and display it in searches performed. Plus they offer a low cost promoted pin option but honestly, you don’t even have to worry about promoting your pin to really get the attention to your website that you are searching for.

Now that you understand why this site is so important for you to be a part of let’s learn some Pinterest basics. Your graphic in the Pinterest world is called a “pin.” The pin is linked to your blog or website and any interested viewer can simply click on the pin to find out more. As a user of Pinterest your pins will be located on topic “boards” that you create. All of your boards will be located under your profile. Your “feed” is a list of pins from pinners that you follow. It is important to find interesting people and topics to follow that are of interest to you because it will keep you entertained and give you lots of great information to share.

It is important to create a pin that is going to get noticed. There are plenty of free graphic design companies, like, out there making graphic building a snap but there are a few tricks to making your graphic stand apart from the crowd. You want to create a bright visually stimulating pin but you should keep it simple so it is easy for the viewer to process the information quickly. Your pins should be helpful. Do it yourself tips, self-help, fitness, food, fashion, and parenting tips are some categories that are very popular on Pinterest. Your pins should also be actionable and encourage the individual to click into your article or website to find out more. For example, 5 ways you can get your kids ready for back to school. Any parent with kids would be interested in learning what five tips you have to share and would be encouraged to click on the pin to connect to your website.

You will also want to create boards that will entice people to check out what great pins you have there. Your boards should have a colorful graphic for display. The titles are key here. Pinterest will share your board with other users if the topic of the board is clear. Keep the titles short, sweet, and descriptive. For example, Books to Read and Author Events is one of my boards. It is clear that on this board you are going to be introduced to new books to read and find out about events that authors are participating in. You also have the ability to turn your board into a group board. This way you can invite other pinners to pin to this board. When another person agrees to pin things to your board, your board will be displayed under their profile. It is essential that you have a great display graphic for this board so that it gets noticed by others viewing their profiles.

Marketing on Pinterest is very simple. It is all about pinning your graphic, and linking it to your website or blog. Pinterest also gives you the option of linking your other social networks so you can post one pin and share it to all of your social pages. Pinterest is a great place to get new attention for old blogs as well. You can create a new graphic for an older blog post that still has relevant information and it will start receiving attention again once the graphic is pinned and linked. It is also important to search out other group boards that other pinners have created and follow them. Sometimes you will get an invite to pin there and sometimes you need to ask if you can be allowed to pin there. Always respect the rules of the board or you will be ejected.

Once you have lots of group boards to pin to, you can pin the same pin to multiple boards. Once you can do this, I always advice a trickle down marketing strategy where you post that same post on different boards over a series of days, weeks or months. This way your content on your feed to others is available for viewers for a longer time period.

Action Steps

  • Build your Pinterest Business Account
  • Build three boards that have to do with your business and three boards for fun to display your interests outside of work.
  • Find group boards that are themed around the same content as your business boards, follow them and request to pin there.
  • Start pinning! Pin your own pins and share the pins of others.

Sara-podcastAbout Sara: Sara F. Hathaway is the author of the book, Day After Disaster, host of the Changing Earth Podcast, and revolutionary fictional book marketer. Sara grew up in the country where she developed a profound interest in the natural world around her. After graduating with honors from The California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she launched into a career in business management. Upon realizing that her passion was for writing and a rural life she published her first novel. She has combined her business background with her love for fictional writing to pave new roads for authors and she delights in helping others achieve the same success. To that end she developed the Simple Pinning Guide to help other businesses get the attention they deserve.

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  • Sara’s Book Title: Day After Disaster
  • Sara’s Podcast Title: The Changing Earth Podcast

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