Episode 022: Pam Brossman: Using Podcasting to Market Your Books, Business and Expertise

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with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Description of Today’s Episode: My guest today is Pam Brossman, founder of Self Publish You. Pam’s goal is to inspire woman to live their dreams and share their messages. In this episode, Pam shares with us the strategies she uses to drive her business with valuable content that she delivers via her popular podcast, Awesome Boost. She shares some of the benefits her business has experienced thanks to her podcasting activities. Pam leaves us with some actionable steps that you can take to get your podcast pumping up your business today!

Episode 022: Pam Brossman: Using Podcasting to Market Your Books, Business and Expertise
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Show Notes

About Pam

Pam Brossman is a 10 Times #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Digital Media Speaker & Consultant and founder of #1 Womenís Success Club AwesomeWomenInc.com. She has helped self-publish over 50 Best Selling Authors through her publishing training SelfPublishYou.com, proudly encouraging them to share their message and make a bigger impact in their lifetime. Her mission is to help more women share their awesomeness with the world. Pam truly believes success is an attitude and passionately wants to inspire women to live the dream by leaving their personal footprint on the world one day at a time. Why….because impacting lives is awesome!

Main Questions Asked

  • What is your podcast about and what inspired you to create it?
  • Do you find that by sharing about marketing people come to you to get support with marketing further boosting your business?
  • Can you share ways that authors can harness the power of podcasting?
  • Can you give us some tips for connecting with people to interview on your podcast?
  • What lessons have you learned on your podcast journey that would interest your listeners?
  • You put your podcast on YouTube. Now a podcast is audio and a podcast is video, can you explain how you do that?

Key Lessons Learned

  • You can’t write or do a podcast about you; you need an avatar or target for your podcast. You have to know the purpose, pain, aspiration, want, etc. that the avatar person has.
  • A follower on a social media site is not truly a customer until they are on your list. Only then can you begin to build a rapport.
  • Ideas for fiction authors: use podcasting to tease the audience with brief passages from an up and coming book, do some story telling about where you think it’s going to go and who the characters are.
    • Then ask for feedback on Facebook. This type of activity would be very engaging and would drive your podcast visibility virally.
  • Non-fiction authors can share snippets of their books and discuss topics from the books. Use it for a prelaunch or read a celebrity forward.
  • In order to attract guests to your show treat them with the respect they deserve, show them the benefits they will receive by appearing on your show, and make it about them not you.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • When you interview people of interest to your audience you also get exposure to the interviewee’s audience.
  • Podcasting can drive traffic: at the beginning of your podcast say “this podcast is sponsored by your business name.” Don’t say anything more than that. At the end say “if you’ve enjoyed this podcast you might want to come visit your business name.” Have a call to action without sounding pushy.

Pam’s Podcasting Tips

  • To optimize traffic driven to your website: teach something and provide a template or checklist on your website for them to utilize, offer a discount on a hidden page that only listeners get the link to.
  • An interview can provide content for an info graphic that adds value to your content. This cross pollinates both websites with information on both individuals.
  • If you interview someone who runs a big group on facebook you will be allowed to advertise your podcast episode in their group and have access to all those members.
  • Don’t:
    • Make your intro too long. Subscribers will get tired of listening to it.
    • Forget to have a soft call to action but make sure it doesn’t sound like an advertisement.
    • Waste people’s time. Everyone says use story telling but many people don’t want to spend that much time listening if it doesn’t add quality value.

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