Day #16 – Top Social Networks for Authors – Book Tour Heads to @BuckeyeVA

Today the book tour heads over to the blog of Stephanie Fish - BuckeyVA, an Author's Virtual Assistant. During today's tour stop, D'vorah will be sharing many of the top social networks for authors. While the "big four" social networks are great places for authors to grow their brand and interact with the online community, there are many social networks designed specifically for authors. Head on over to Stephanie's blog for "the scoop." If you … [Read more...]

Day #17 – Discover How Authors Can Benefit from Article Marketing – Virtual Book Tour Visits Sue Collier

Today the book tour heads over to the blog of Sue Collier at Self Publishing Resources where I'll be sharing how authors can benefit from Article Marketing. If you are an author wishing to increase your readership, article marketing can send highly targeted traffic your way. Everyone wants free traffic, but in order to get it through article marketing, you need to write articles. What do you write about? You want to write about your topic area, … [Read more...]

Day #18 – Kathleen Gage @kathleengage is Today’s Tour Host – Online Interviews as a Source of Rich and Vibrant Content

Today the tour heads over to Kathleen Gage's blog where D'vorah will be talking about Online Interviews as a Source of Rich and Vibrant Content One of the easiest and most effective ways to generate relevant and pertinent content is to produce an audio interview series. By doing so, you will be providing valuable content for your audience while building relationships with the people you interview. I have developed a deeper relationship with each … [Read more...]

Day #19 – Kristen Eckstein Interviews Bestselling Author D’vorah Lansky – @imaginestudios

Today the virtual book tour heads over to the blog of Kristen Eckstein, the Ultimate Book Coach where she'll be interviewing D'vorah. Kristen has a few surprises up her sleeve, so you won't want to miss this interview. You can listen in to this lively, interactive interview at: … [Read more...]

Day #20 – Why Does An Author Need to Have a Blog? Daniel Hall hosts today’s virtual book tour

Today we head over to the blog of Daniel Hall, author, speaker and marketer extraordinaire where D'vorah will be discussing why authors need to have their own blog. As an author, having a blog is essential to your online book marketing success. Your blog is the hub of your online world and provides you with a platform from which to share your message, sell your products, build community, house your membership site, show your videos, and share … [Read more...]

Day #21 – Virtual Tour visits John Kremer’s Blog – Vibrant Marketing Strategies @johnkremer

Today is day #21 of my 21-day virtual book tour! What better destination for this special celebration than to the blog of John Kremer, "the grandfather of book marketing". John, who is the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books,  is considered to be a foremost, world authority, on book marketing. One of my favorite tips from John is the one where he shares how important it is for authors to do one thing, for each of their books, every day, for … [Read more...]