Episode 032: Mur Lafferty: Power of Podcasting for Fictional Authors

mur-lafferty-SEpisode 032: Mur Lafferty
with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Description of Today’s Episode: My guest today is Mur Lafferty, host of the “I Should Be Writing” Podcast. She has been podcasting since 2004 and is the only woman ever (so far) to be inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame! Mur discusses polite ways to handle difficult guests vs. host situations. She shares some of the benefits she’s experienced being a fictional author and a podcast host. Mur leaves us today with great tips to get you started on the right foot and maintain your passion for podcasting long into the future.

Episode 032: Mur Lafferty: Power of Podcasting for Fictional Authors
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Show Notes

About Mur

My guest today is Mur Lafferty, of MurVerse.com. Mur is a pioneer podcaster, having been in the field since 2004. She has won the Podcast Peer Award, several Parsec Awards, and she’s been inducted into the Podcaster Hall of Fame. She is the creator and host of the popular podcast I Should Be Writing, the podcast for wanna be fiction writers, and has been involved with or hosted many other shows. She is also a fiction author, winner of the John Campbell award for best new writer, and the Manly Wade Wellman award, and her upcoming book Six Wakes will be released from Orbit Books in Fall 2016.

Main Questions Asked

  • Can you tell us about your author success journey and how you got started podcasting?
  • What can fictional authors podcast about?
  • How have you benefited from podcasting?
  • What do we look for when being invited to speak on someone else’s podcast?
  • What do you do if the host asks a question you’re not comfortable with?
  • As a guest or host what if you have a guest or host that goes on and on or only answers with a yes or no?
  • How do you handle a self-promotional guest?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Fictional podcasting authors should first consider who they want their audience to be before they pick a topic to podcast about. Podcast about your expertise or books and authors that inspired you. Podcast what you are passionate about.
  • When you are going to appear on someone else’s podcast look at what kind of shows they have already done. Are they more amateur vs. professional? Look at their site and see if you are a fit. Some shows may want you to participate in sort of gimmicky activities.
  • During an interview, if you are not comfortable with a question don’t be afraid to let them know that. You should find out if the show will be edited ahead of time but the host should always be concerned with the comfort of their guest. If you have had a negative public event happen don’t be afraid to tell them you don’t want to discuss that.
  • If you have a guest or a host that is going on and on most of the time it is best to just let them go. You can try to delicately change the subject but you can always edit it later.
  • If you have a guest that is only answering yes or no, make sure it is not because your questions are set up for yes or no answers. Use the gentle can you tell us more about that line or use silence to encourage the guest to fill that silence.
  • When hosting guests make sure you provide them an area of the show to be self-promotional that way they will wait until that moment. If they still persist try to delicately redirect the topic. If they still persist you can say a thank-you for appearing on the show and never actually air that audio.

Benefits for Authors

  • Podcasting can launch a fictional author’s career to a whole new level. Not because you are trying market the heck out it but because you are passionate about it.
  • Having that moment when someone tells you that they have done something in their life for the better because of your influence is the best feeling in the world.
  • It’s sometimes difficult when you are in the trenches creating content and moving steadily forward. It is nice to receive awards when others recognize your commitment and hard work.

Mur’s Podcasting Tips

  • Don’t let others get you down! Keep writing and podcasting!
  • You are in charge of the decision to post whatever content you have recorded or not.
  • When you are just starting podcasting: don’t invest a lot of money, make sure you have at least five episodes before you start heavily promoting it.
  • Be courageous and stand up for your rights as a podcaster.
  • Ask probing questions
  • Learn how to redirect the conversation in a polite way
  • Don’t quit!

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