Episode 028: Jessica Rhodes: How To Get Booked as a Guest Expert on Podcasts

jessica-rhodes-SEpisode 028: Jessica Rhodes
with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Description of Today’s Episode: My guest today is Jessica Rhodes, the founder of InterviewConnection.com. Jessica serves the podcasting community by connecting podcasters with guests and guests with podcasts. This unique view of the podcasting world has given Jessica some inside details of podcasting interviews that she is delighted to share with us today. She discusses some of the ways we can get the attention of podcasters so they are interested in interviewing us and some of the benefits of getting interviewed on podcasts. Jessica leaves us with actionable tips on how to be a memorable guest and get listeners to join our communities.

Episode 028: Jessica Rhodes: How To Get Booked as a Guest Expert on Podcasts
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Show Notes:

About Jessica

Our Guest Today is Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections

Jessica Rhodes is the founder and CEO of Interview Connections.com- the premier source for booking outstanding podcast guests. Jessica is the host of the hit weekly web TV show, Interview Connections TV where she brings expert tips and advice to podcasters and great guest experts. Her podcast, Rhodes to Success publishes weekly interviews with content and relationship marketers. She is married and is the proud mom to a very busy toddler named Nathan, and is expecting her second child.

Today Jessica will be speaking to us about: How to get booked as a guest expert on podcasts and leverage your brand through the power of authority and expertise.

Main Questions Asked

  • Can you share your success journey and how you got started in podcasting?
  • Why would beginning podcasters want to get featured on other people’s podcasts?
  • How can you locate podcasts to get interviewed on?
  • How can you be an excellent guest on a show and motivate listeners to join your community?

Key Lessons Learned

  • To find a podcast to interview you: start in iTunes, search for podcasts in your niche
    • Pay attention to the art work, the title, description and about page.
    • Make sure they do interviews and then listen to their show.
    • Pay attention to how often they publish an episode. The more shows, the more likely they are to host you.
  • Things to remember when writing a pitch – or email – to attract a podcast host: don’t send a canned email, personalize your pitch, and show them how you will provide value to their listeners.
  • Structure of a pitch: Subject line needs to grab their attention, open with something personal, in the body tell them why you are emailing and what value you will bring, close affirmatively and confidently, follow-up, and provide a link or attach your one sheet.

Benefits of Getting Interviewed on Podcasts

  • Getting interviewed will improve your communication skills
  • You will know what it is like on both sides of a mic.
  • Getting interviewed is a great way to attract listeners to your podcast and form a deeper relationship with listeners.

Jessica’s Podcasting Tips

  • The difference in getting interviewed on a podcast and getting publicity through a media outlet is that the podcast is a much more personal interaction between interviewee, host and audience so any communications with the host must also be much more personal.
  • To be a standout guest on a podcast: Use the hosts name, focus on making the host look good, and have some good stories to weave into your tips and takeaways.
  • To get listeners to join your community: Don’t pitch your business, only mention your business if it’s pertinent to the conversation, and have a strong and attractive call to action at the end of the episode.

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