It’s “Ta Da” Tuesday… What are you Celebrating?

ta-da-tuesdayby D’vorah Lansky

I recently saw a post come across Facebook asking, “What’s on your “Ta Da” list?” A light bulb went on for me and I realized that we could create a new tradition by sharing our “Ta Das!” So…

What are you celebrating this week?

  • It could be an accomplishment, either huge or small.
  • You may want to share something you learned this week.
  • Perhaps you are celebrating new business.

Whatever the case, you are warmly invited to share your “Ta Da” with our wonderful and supportive community of authors and entrepreneurs.

Scroll down to share your ta das and to celebrate the ta das of others.
Celebrating your success,


  1. Hi. My to-da is DE-cluttering pc and office, for clear mind on PODCAST Project.

    • Oh Bettina you’re going to be able to focus so much better with an organized space! Congrats to you!!!

  2. Imagery says:

    This old man is celebrating the new friends and solid advice from the members. Even though I’m slow at progression here, I’m learning so much. Every one of you is a gem.

  3. Tandy says:

    I found out that an international publication wants to use a meditation I submitted to them. Ta Da!

  4. I took a chance ( which felt brave) of posting a new kind of blog post, unashamedly putting my book on trial for what it has inflicted on its author.

    A sudden rush of new visitors such as was never seen. Not sure how these new people got wind of it. Hope to keep this new Jury entertained for future visits to listen to devastating cross examination of witnesses. Great fun to risk the future and for once have a few readers!

  5. My new book FASHION GOES TO THE DOGS – a Kate Killoy Mystery is out and selling on Amazon both as paperback and Kindle. Now comes the hard work of letting everyone know.

  6. My “Ta-da” this week is that my books are included in a special Women’s History Month Literature Pack offered by women military Veterans. We are all members of the first National Women Veterans Speakers Bureau. Here’s the release:

  7. My TA-DA this week is having drafted 5 podcast scripts. Still need polishing, but the hardest part is done. TA-DAAAAA 🙂

  8. Jenny says:

    I attended a Learning to Podcast seminar tonight at the Kickstarter Headquarters in preparation for my upcoming podcast launch!

  9. My Ta Da Accomplishment for this week is: I’m successfully doing as little as possible! We’re on vacation in Florida. I’m visiting my youngest daughter, Erin. And I’m working on my mystery novel, “Escaped,” which is Book 1 of my Shinn Mystery Series. And I’m trying to get caught up on my Podcast lessons, so when I return next week, I can put a push on getting some podcasts going.

  10. My Ta-Da is completing Module 8 (out of 15) in my course, Create Your Own Beautiful Book Blog. The course is live and can be purchased at! I’m excited that I have a routine down. Ta Da!

  11. My share…is the thank my hosts Linda and Dan, and the people of Minnesota and Wisconsin for the memorable experiences I’ve had over the recent 21 days in my ‘spiritual home’
    And Ta-Da writing about the experiences over the next four weeks.

  12. I set a goal of writing 15,000 words (any genre) this month. So far I’m slightly ahead of schedule with over 9000! It feels good to be writing again!

  13. D'vorah Lansky says:

    It’s so exciting to see all of these Ta Das! My Ta Da is, I’ve been invited as a guest speaker on a podcast that features book marketing experts. In preparation I’m updating one of my free gifts so that it applies more to this audience. I’m honored and looking forward to this opportunity.

  14. I am celebrating my right as a woman to vote. This Tuesday is a big day for voting in my home state of New York. The women of my family feel that the right to vote is a very big deal, and every voting day brings back wonderful memories of my mother and my aunts.

  15. We’ve come a long way–and have a long way to go. As a former New Yorker, I am watching the results with great interest.

  16. I’m celebrating the fact that I cleaned up and reloaded my PC hard drive. The support at and are commended. …and this week I will be loading Dream Digging Course 2. You can find the first course at

  17. Isabel says:

    Hi! my ta-da moment is huge: I have finished to upload my last module of my 5 weeks course Prepare your Juicing detox ! The 30 days Course Creation Challenge from march helped me to go all the way to the finishing line ! Ourah!!!

  18. Dianne says:

    It has taken three days to search and replace words like “smile” as in he or she smiled, “when, while, grin, smirk,” etc. in my manuscript, but TA DA I’m almost done. I also flipped details from one character to another. TA DA, almost ready for an editor.

  19. I released Book #16, Your Intercession Questions Answered
    ( ) on March 1. To go along with that theme, we’re currently offering a workshop day on May 14 for a small group of intercessors, where I will answer their questions on prayer and give them some hands-on practice in prayer-related things. The workshop:

  20. Just did a book signing at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Tx. with my new, “A to Z book of Weeds and other useful Plants”

  21. I am celebrating my most recent book, “Hilary Clinton: On the Couch.” I quote from one of the 40 great reviews the book has received: “Dr. Bond has again used her skills as a psychoanalyst and given a compelling look at the life of Hillary Clinton . . . She has assembled a vivid chronicle of a strong woman who faced immense challenges throughout her life and was able to pull through no matter how painful the journey. No one who has not read this book can understand the mind of Hillary Clinton.”
    “Hilary Clinton: On the Couch” is the fourth book in the On the Couch series, published by Bancroft Press. Previous subjects include Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe, and Lady Macbeth. “Barbra Streisand: On the Couch is presently in publication.

  22. lmganchor says:

    Today I have a phone session with a Canvas IT man (these guys are a Green Web Hosting site in Portland, OR) to see if he can produce a project I want to offer on line…it has been a several year Desire! TA DA!!! Moving forward, thanks to our TaDA- D’vorah!

  23. My ta-da is my third novel is in the revision stage, my first novel is undergoing a very small revision for its ebook versions, I’ve found someone to do book trailers for all three novels, and my new website is almost ready to launch. My Loyalist Trilogy is looking good! This all feels fabulous!

  24. My TA-DA for today is:
    I have published my entire five book/ audiobookseries “Called Into Life By The Light on Kindle and ACX respectively.
    The Create Space print book Anthology is in final edit and should be published late this week or early next week. It includes all five e-Books .

  25. Virginia Reeves says:

    D’vorah – thanks for this great opportunity. I got enthused reading about other peoples successes. I’m proud to say that I now have 14 books up on Kindle under the umbrella title of Permission Granted Today. Each book is a short read and focuses on one main topic for immersion. All are in the overall personal growth field. Check out for a quick look. Thanks.

  26. rrieman says:

    My TA-DA is my first webinar after the Course for the Independent Book Publishers Assn. tomorrow, Wednesday. The IBPA is the largest group for Indie Publishers, and I’m presenting on the Audiobook Revolution taking place right now. Audiobook listening was up 38% on Audible last year. Almost every book should be in audio. Go to to attend or see the replay later.

  27. mcaloonp says:

    My TA-DA is the launch of “Missing” without the help of the small publisher I retained to do setup & editing of the first book. Launch Party is on Saturday on my Facebook Author page from 1-4PM Central. Hope to see you there…Details on my website Be sure to sign up for the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

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