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It’s time for our Community Blog Hop! A blog hop is where you share a link to a blog post on your blog. Participants will “hop” from blog to blog, to read articles and explore one another’s sites.

Don’t have a blog, no worries… you can still participate by visiting blogs listed below and you can share a book marketing tip of your own, by scrolling down to the comments section below.


  • Head over to your blog, and write a post that talks about a book marketing strategy or technique you’ve successfully used or one that you plan to use in the future.
  • Be sure to include a paragraph about your book and include a link to your book on Amazon.
  • Then come back here, scroll to the comments section below, and post the title of your Blog Post along with a link to your post.
  • Participants will be hopping to one another’s blogs – to explore and to post comments.
  • This is a fabulous community building activity, where you’ll receive a lot of exposure.

If you’ve created a graphic meme – consider including it in the blog post on your blog. It will be fun for you to display and fun for others to see what is possible!

Let the.. Hop begin! Scroll down to post a link to your post – and include the title of your post.


  1. Here’s an example: Title of post: How I Got Started with Virtual Book Tours.


  2. kiraklenke says:
  3. My link is to a virtual blog tour that I did on my site in association with the Dana Foundation for their Brain Awareness Week last March. My virtual blog tour highlights aspects of the subject matter in my book “Inside the Closed World of the Brain.” It is still picking up about 25-30 readers a month. The link is https://www.medicalsciencenavigator.com/brainawareness

  4. Hi everyone,
    Life has been complicated here for a while, taking care of my 89-year-old mom who fractured her pelvis in April. Convalescence is slow and I’m behind on D’vorah’s program, so I don’t have any marketing tips that I’ve used. If you’re a writer, parent of a creative teen, or language arts teacher, here are my two blogs for writers. The first is my coaching site and the second is where I keep my published books and offer lots of resources and writing prompts for teen/pre-teen writers and their teachers.
    1. http://www.writefromexperience.net/when-youd-rather-clean-the-toilet-than-write-7-tips-to-get-you-writing-again/
    2. http://www.wrightingwords.com/

  5. Here is a post I made a few years back explaining how I made some of my clients best sellers. http://done4umedia.com/creating-best-selling-authors/

  6. Hello!

    My Memory Maker Planner & Journal proofs are on their way to me as I type this – so this is very exciting! The blog that is currently featured on my site is my back story of how this planner & journal came into existence. My Site/blog is:

    • There is no place to put a comment on your blog post. I think your planner is a great idea and I can’t wait to see it on Amazon!

    • Good luck with your workbook. It will be useful for lots of people. 🙂

    • Carla, What a gorgeous website! and a beautiful-looking planner. I love to travel, too…have done so since I got bitten by the travel bug in 1969 and spent a summer in Europe….I was in Australia last year…I may have to get your planner for my next big trip!

    • Carla, I love the idea of your Memory Maker planner.

  7. July Hot Pots in Hot, Dry Climates
    My former business was The Contained Gardener and my first book is Getting Potted in the Desert. Here is July’s post with a link to the book towards the bottom of the page.

  8. janbur25 says:

    I love understanding how and why the subconscious Inner Critic insists on managing my life…even when I am wanting to reach goals that are important to me.


  9. You’ve worked hard to write your book. Now it needs your support if it is to reach its readers. Below are 6 posts to help you do just that during the book launch period. And remember while you are doing outreach… have fun!


  10. trishd says:

    Good day fellow insiders. I have catch up to do but I can give you my last blog that is a lead in for the 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge. It is a little ironic as I am totally focused on my own self care this last few weeks. The poor air quality here with the BC fire smoke has challenged my asthma state. Yesterday morning I had my first ambulance ride in to emerg…got oxygen and help and made it back home at 4.00 . I am looking forward to getting my energy back, launching my challenge and soon as I can carry on a conversation I will do an audio blog. I look forward to hopping onto your blogs as they are posted. http://trishdennison.ca/blog/

  11. D'vorah Lansky says:

    WOW – this is incredible. Hope you all receive a lot of exposure. Thank you for sharing your brilliance.

    FYI – be sure to visit – and comment on – one another’s blogs. This can provide you with more exposure and help yours to do the same.

  12. Hi,
    The title of my post is: Use the Power of Words and Just Do It!
    If you spend a little time learning to use 3 simple sentences, you too can dissolve blocks to your productivity in minutes.

  13. The title of my post is: Sharing My Message of Self-Empowerment in Health. http://bit.ly/drcollinsblog

    Enjoy! Now it’s off to the hop!

  14. tracyct says:

    The title of my first post in a five-part series is: “Five Reasons Business Owners, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs Need a Book”

    I have aspirations to become an Indie Publisher in addition to being an Indie author. I have 18 titles now published; most of them are journals. My Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00J26UDRI

  15. Sorry – no article re’ book marketing, but my book was discussed on this podcast 🙂 http://www.lighterbrighteryou.life/media/ And I have a number of people to contact for other podcast interviews

  16. This experience was SO INTENSE! Here is the 10th blog post I did to implement the trainings of our last program “30 Day Book Marketing Challenge” with D’vorahs’ genius!
    In fact my book is NOT published (as I din’t know at that time how to do it…) BUT it just turned 5 years old !!!! So ! I manage to CELEBRATE it’s 5th anniversary to MARKET and PROMOTE my online Course “L’Atelier des Jus” where students can get the book as a Bonus (Soon to Be a Companion Book, he he ) as it is not available on Amazon!!!
    During 2 weeks I posted videos on my YouTube Channel, memes or Facebook posts, both on my FB Profile (light version) and on my FB Page, also a picture with my book and a juice on my Instagram Profile!!! I only posted on week days to match a 10 days challenge. Now I have 10 Blog Posts to share which propose my online course. What a blast ! Lots of work and so far no one sale … I won’t give up! I love the result and I am ready to do it again for my other books (a series of 4 so far)!!! I learned so much during this Book Marketing Challenge! Thank you D’vorah!!

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