Friday’s Food for Thought

I’ve become fascinated with the images that have inspiring quotes written on them and have decided to begin collecting quotes and images with the goal of creating what is referred to as a “meme.”

The dictionary definition of “meme” is “a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc., that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way.”

Today’s Food for Thought is related to only being a decision away from achieving your dreams. Is there something you’ve been wanting to accomplish, but for whatever reason you keep putting it off, or perhaps even tell yourself that it’s not possible?

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Here’s to your success,

“When you make a decision and act on that decision,
things magically align into place to make it happen!”




  1. Love grows where there is forgiveness and gratitude

  2. When you make the decision to go after something you want and act to make it come to be, you often open up other roads that you would have missed otherwise.

  3. More Miracles Occur from Forgiveness and Gratitude than Anything Else

  4. So true. I have never believed in coincidence. God has a plan for each of us. If we grab hold and hang on for the ride, He will guide us to extraordinary things.

  5. myrtle says:

    This offering may miss your request but it works for me. During lengthy experiences in volunteer activities, which I believe make us all better people and in business of writing too, I have learned when to say “No.” BUT when I say I will do something I follow through. (What I find most difficult is dealing with the person who makes the assumption it will not be done as expected.)

  6. Jean says:

    Do with all your might what you can do since there is no better place than where you are now, at the beginning. You could publish a book of quotations too D’vorah. I thought of doing that some time ago but have.t done so as yet.

  7. mtr2907 says:

    Often it takes a long time for big dreams to come true. But, it you truly want the dream the right doors will open. I have been a working scientist for over 30 years now. However it took me 10 years to piece together my BA, twice as long as to complete the PhD. Yet the work of those 10 years is why I was awarded an NIH full scholarship for the PhD program. How did I get the scholarship? I made an appointment with someone who could not help me. She sent me to someone I did not know in the next building. He looked at my undergraduate record and said then and there I could have the NIH full scholarship if I wanted it. Just like that – done. An unexpected door opened. I had the good sense not to ask who NIH, the National institutes of Health, were because at the time I did not know.

  8. How timely! I have been struggling with trying to make my business work – not so much for $$ but to get my message out. No more second guessing for me – I will let my guardian angels take over and jump off the cliff. Who knows where I amy land?

  9. HI Dvorah, I love your emails! Thanks for all the great info.!

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