Day #4 of the Virtual Book Tour for Book Marketing Made Easy

Today the tour heads to the Business Building Books blog of Lynne Klippel where I’ll be sharing an article about the power of Teleseminars and how authors can create a variety of information products from this recorded content.

Additionally, today I will be a guest on Lynne’s “Successful Authors Book Camp” program. While there is a charge for the book camp, the content Lynne is providing is spectacular. Take a peek, check out the amazing lineup of speakers and see if the content “speaks to you”.

Your book is the doorway to developing multiple streams of income. From a digital eBook to a high-priced coaching program, your book provides you with the content and credibility to offer your audience more while increasing your streams of income. You can generate a passive income on the Internet when you create a single product and repurpose it into multiple products, thus getting paid several times on the same content…

To enjoy the rest of today’s blog post, head on over to Lynne Klippel’s: Business Building Books blog.


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