Day #20 – Why Does An Author Need to Have a Blog? Daniel Hall hosts today’s virtual book tour

Today we head over to the blog of Daniel Hall, author, speaker and marketer extraordinaire where D’vorah will be discussing why authors need to have their own blog.

As an author, having a blog is essential to your online book marketing success. Your blog is the hub of your online world and provides you with a platform from which to share your message, sell your products, build community, house your membership site, show your videos, and share your knowledge. Your blog is not just where people go for content; it is where they go to connect with you. With your blog, you build community, you build credibility, and you create interaction.

As an author, you want to become known as an expert in your field and an authority on your topic. Your blog provides you with a platform to share your message from.

Head on over to Daniel’s blog to enjoy this full article:

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