Episode 023: Daniel J. Lewis: SEO for Podcasters and the Power of Podcast Reviews

daniel-j-lewis-cover-SEpisode 023: Daniel J. Lewis, of the Audacity to Podcast
with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Description of Today’s Episode: My guest today is Daniel J. Lewis, creator of The Audacity to Podcast. Daniel is on a mission to help new podcasters launch and improve their podcasts. In this episode, Daniel will give us some helpful pointers on how to increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our podcasts. He discusses some of the benefits podcasting brings to the author community and he explains why the podcast reviews you receive, deserve a second look. He leaves us today with some helpful tips for podcasters who are ready to get their message out into the world!

Episode 023: Daniel J. Lewis: SEO for Podcasters and the Power of Podcast Reviews
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Show Notes

About Daniel

As an award-winning podcaster, Daniel J. Lewis helps others launch and improve their own podcasts for sharing their passions and finding success. Daniel creates training resources (like SEO for Podcasters) and podcasting tools (like My Podcast Reviews); offers one-on-one consulting and group training; is a keynote speaker on podcasting and social media; and Daniel hosts a network of award-nominated shows covering how to podcast, clean-comedy, and the #1 unofficial podcast for ABC’s hit drama Once Upon a Time.

Main Questions Asked

  • How did you get started with podcasting?
  • How can our listeners gain confidence so that they speak with more ease and comfort?
  • How hard is it to create audio vs. video podcasts?
  • Can you tell us about The Audacity to Podcast show?
  • Why, as podcasters, do we need to know about SEO?
  • Can you make money podcasting?
  • How important are podcast review and why is it important to know when we receive a review?
  • You’ve said, podcasting is a marriage between old media and new media. What does this mean?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Developing your speaking style takes lots of practice and the ability to critique yourself. “The more you improve your first draft of communication the better it affects the rest of your life including podcasting.”
  • Video is not for the “faint of heart”. Editing time is about eight times longer, it needs to be very entertaining. Short videos are usually more shareable. The three most important aspects are audio quality, lighting and recording device.
  • Attracting the search engines is one way to passively acquire new listeners. In order to optimize your attraction, focus on making content actionable for human search engines not just automated ones. Don’t try to rank for one word, try to rank for a phrase. For example, instead of “podcasting” rank for “making money with podcasting”
  • The best way to make money podcasting is to have a product you have developed that appeals to your audience available for listener purchase from the very start.
  • Reviews are important because iTunes uses them in their algorithm to know when you are gaining momentum and should be a featured podcast. They are also important because your audience is engaging with you. You should engage back by giving them a shout-out and a thank-you or mentioning their project on the air. Let them know you really care and appreciate the time they took to support you.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • Authors have the ability to show others your expertise and your ability to communicate directly.
  • Voice expresses passion better than writing. Your voice is authentic and less perfected through editing than your writing.
  • The confidence you have in your expertise will shine through your voice.
  • Podcasting can open up online and offline speaking opportunities.

Daniel’s Podcasting Tips

  • Jump in, trying to make things perfect is a big mistake. Perfection can kill any art and things can always be improved.
  • Make sure you jump in with a plan. Know where you are headed. Jot down topics for your first twenty shows before you start.

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  1. I recently read the “7 Secrets To Podcasting Success” article on http://www.magnoliamedianetwork.com/podcasting-success/ and you mention that “In their article What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance? New York Magazine points to the recent success of the podcasts such as Serial and Start Up, but says that the real growth in podcasting lies in the automotive industry!” I have been considering launching my own podcast and wondered if you could just give me your opinion on if you think I could be successful building on my name recognition, 150k book sales since 1996, 40-years of automotive connections and my current website. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanx!

  2. Hi there Alan! Yes, I definitely think that podcasting could be a great way for you to capitalize on all you’ve already built. Would be happy to talk to you about this- you can reach me at dougforesta@gmail.com But with all that you’ve built, I think a podcast would certainly make sense for you . . .

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