Episode 027: Daniel Hall: Grow Your Email List by Delivering Great Content on Your Podcast

daniel-hall-cover-SEpisode 027: Daniel Hall of Real Fast Training Products
with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Description of Today’s Episode: My guest today is Daniel Hall, creator of Real Fast Training Products. Daniel is passionate about getting his message into the hands of his community so they can take actionable steps towards building their own communities and sharing their own messages. In this episode, Daniel shares with us the steps he takes to create and deliver quality content. He discusses some of the benefits to podcasting that we can all prosper from. Daniel infuses his interview with actionable steps that will build your list and keep your community growing!

Episode 027: Daniel Hall: Grow Your Email List by Delivering Great Content on Your Podcast
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Show Notes

About Daniel

Daniel-J-HallDaniel Hall is a bestselling author, speaker, publisher, nurse, attorney and sometimes blogger. He is also the creator of the highly popular Real Fast brand of training products. He left law practice 10 years ago to build his publishing business and has never looked back. Daniel is a true serial entrepreneur and his list of URLs is longer than a piece of paper, so you can check out Daniel’s hub at www.DanielHallPresents.com

Main Questions Asked

  • How important is podcasting as a marketing and relationship building strategy for authors and entrepreneurs?
  • How do you create content that people will love and want more of?
  • Once you have a podcast and great content, how important is it to take it beyond the podcast to an opt-in list?
  • What is an email marketing “hub”?
  • What do we do once we have interested individuals on our list?

Key Lessons Learned

  • When your content is infused with tips, information and actionable steps, people will see you have material to make their lives better and they will come back over and over again.
  • Your “hub” is a place that interested individuals can go to consume some more of your free content. Also include another compelling offer there to opt-into your mailing list and give them even more free content for that.
  • Title creation will depend on your industry. It must be right for your target audience and appeal to them. Those are the people you were put on this planet to help not the ones who are not interested in your message.
  • It is critical to take people from your podcast to an opt-in list. This is the key to building your community. Then not only have people been exposed to you but you have the ability to reach out and touch them and communicate with them.
  • Once you have people on your list, continue to build the relationship. Don’t bombard them with content they have to purchase. When you are just getting started offer three free pieces of content for every one purchase option. After you are established you can go to a one to one ratio. You can also do both where you present lots of great information in a webinar or hangout and offer a purchase option at the same time.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • With the increase of listening devices and their inclusion in automobiles, more people are listening to podcasts and less and less to terrestrial sources.
  • Podcasting allows you to build a community around your message that has been laser targeted to attract your ideal demographic.
  • Podcast episodes are all archived so a person that finds and likes your show can go back and access all of your previous information as they often do, even years later.

Daniel’s Podcasting Tips

  • Always give people your very best stuff (or most of it) for free. If you can’t give it out you don’t have enough.
  • When you’re creating content for any purpose, especially in the free marketing realm you always drive people to a free offer that will appeal to your target demographic that is of such a high value that they will give you their name and email address for it.
  • When you get interview opportunities say your URL at least 3 times or as many times as appropriate and feasible.
  • You must care very much about what you present to the community. You have to care about them and their lives. This is much easier to convey in spoken word. Make certain you elicit a feeling, an emotion so they know you care and will head over to check out your site.
  • You should not feel guilty for making money from your community. Your earnings will be in direct relation to the value you are providing to that community. The more help you provide the more you are going to make, try to put maximum value into everything you do.

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