Discover Innovative Ways to Create an Online Course with
Your Book or Area of Expertise!

Would you like to be able to...

Reach More Readers

Discover an easy way to share your book with a lot more people while earning a LOT more money! With an online course, you are able to bring life to the message of your book while providing your readers with a way to take action and experience a transformation! 

Teach What You Love

Your book is a labor of love that you've brought into this world to share with others. In the Course Creation Challenge, you'll learn exactly how to turn your book, or expertise into a course! Think of all the people you can help, beyond the pages of your book!

Benefit Financially

You know how much you earn from the sale of each of your books. With an online course you can multiply that number plug paid many times over for the effort you put in today! Having an online course, based on the topic of your book, will also increase your following and your book sales!

Get Ready to Multiply Your Income and Reach More Readers!

Learn How to Design, Create, Market and Sell Your Own Online Course!

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By participating in this program you will... 

    • Get expert guidance, every week, to create, launch, and market your course!  
    • Never feel alone again, as you interact with hundreds of course-creating authors!
    • Be able to reach and help a LOT more readers, while earning a LOT more money!

"The Course Creation Challenge is inspiring as well as informative!"

“D'vorah's Course Creation Challenge is inspiring as well as informative. She has created a community of supportive learners. Her live calls and written guides helped me polish my presentations and ensure I had all the necessary parts. Her advice about technology is invaluable. Can't wait to go public!"

- Janet Wahl (Author of Discover the Messages in Your Dreams with the Ullman Method)

"... an organized approach that unpacks a complicated subject!"

“The Course Creation Challenge is an organized approach that unpacks a complicated subject in an easy to follow way.”

- Skyler Madison (Author of Creativity from the Inside Out)

"This course is just what I needed to get my course up and running!"

“The Course Creation Challenge has been just what I needed to get my course up and running! The day-to-day action steps keep me accountable as I build my course. They offer insight and suggestions to help me map out my course and build it in small manageable chunks. The weekly support trainings with Q&A offer the just-in-time support that I need, as well as insight and guidance on moving forward. Networking opportunities as well as a community for support and review is provided through the Facebook Group. If you have a course you would like to build, Dvorah's Course Creation Challenge  and personal support and guidance will help get you there!"

- Tammy L. Jones (owner of TLJ Consulting Group, LLC - Mathematics & Technology Consultant)

Meet Your Instructor

D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed. is the bestselling author of several books including Book Marketing Made Easy. Since 2007, D'vorah has created and produced more than 20 online programs and has taught thousands of authors how to effectively and affordably market their books online.

D'vorah got her start in teaching online courses, almost by accident. Once Book Marketing Made Easy was published, her readers began contacting her and asking her to teach them how to market their books online. Several thousands students, and almost ten years later, D'vorah continues to teach and coach authors across the globe!

We'll Cover Everything You Need to Know in Four Easy-to-Follow Modules

Module 1: Build a Solid Foundation and Discover the Perfect Course Topic for Your Audience

In this module you'll learn how to transform your book into a course that your audience will be eager to participate in. Knowing how to decide on your course topic and content is essential.

  • Learn how to identify the perfect topic for your students!
  • Discover the formula for creating a successful course outline!
  • Explore a variety of formats for your course, and choose the one that is best for you!

Module 2: Develop Your Course Content and Pre-Market It

In this module you'll discover time-saving strategies for creating magnetic course content. Your students will love how they are able to benefit and put into action, what you teach in your course!

  • Discover how to harness the power of your existing knowledge!
  • Learn how to create the modules for your course, in less time than you ever thought possible!
  • Find out how to create the marketing materials for your course, before your course has even been created!

"D'vorah, your sensitive, helpful guidance shined through at every step!"

"D'vorah, your sensitive, helpful guidance shined through at every step, from the makeup of the course, to your verbal presentations. And your positive influence even spilled over to the Facebook group, which offered an additional tool for connection and support. Thanks so much for all you do for us author- and teacher-preneurs."

- Jerry Waxler (Memoir coach and author of Memoir Revolution)

"She breaks the process down into actionable steps!"

"What I've enjoyed the most about the Course Creation Challenge is how D'vorah demystifies aspects we may be finding daunting. She has technical knowledge which she relays with great clarity. Her teaching is full of warmth and heart. She takes the process of creating a course and breaks it down into actionable steps - and each step always feels 'doable', so that her students don't feel overwhelmed. She never assumes a level of internet or technical expertise her students may not necessarily have."

- Lorna Fergusson (Course Title: Believe you can write - four steps to discovering your potential)

"There you were with answers to my dilemmas, dreams, & prayers!"

"With my new book, The Triumph of Recovery, I was struggling with Marketing and Social Media in attempting to find the best ways to get the information to my target audience. Somehow your Course Creation Challenge for Authors, appeared in my email. I clicked and signed up immediately. There you were with answers to my dilemmas, concerns, dreams, prayers and all my Yikes! Your sharing of all your years of work is phenomenal. You give incredibly generously and have taught us how to opened the doors-to marketing, set up on line courses, navigating webinars, Teleseminars, Free conference calling, emails, daily work, action guides, bonuses, bonuses, bonuses, extras of all sorts, including gift coupons. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

- Lorraine M. Graves (Author of The Triumph of Recovery: You are so much more than your abuse)

"D'vorah's excellent advise was just what I needed to create my course!"

"There are so many ways to build an online course, but they are all about the software, not the contents! D’vorah Lansky’s Course Creation for Authors program has all the critical elements you need to determine what your course should be about, how to present it in an easy to understand format, and most importantly – how to make money doing it! D’vorah’s excellent advice was just what I needed to create the online course to accompany my book, The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation. Within weeks of completing D’vorah’s course, I was presenting to the largest Independent Book Publishing group in the world!"

- Richard Rieman (Author and Audio Book Producer)

"D'vorah Lansky is an awesome teacher! She gives from the heart!"

"D’vorah Lansky is an awesome teacher! She gives from the heart. She has walked me step-by-step through the entire process of how to get my own Course online as well as how to promote it. I highly recommend the Course Creation Challenge as D’vorah will indeed “love you to success.” You will be grateful for the help she offers."

- Janine L. Moore (Author of Work on Your Own Terms: in midlife and beyond)

Module 3: Create Your Online Classroom and Attract Your Ideal Students

In this module you'll discover a variety of online classroom options and get support in choosing the one that is best for you, and your students! You'll then learn how to format content for your classroom!

  • Discover the best ways to prepare your online classroom!
  • Find out how to put systems in place, so students can pay to attend your program!
  • Create marketing materials that will attract your ideal students and people who want to promote your course!

Module 4: Open Your Doors for Business and Increase Your Profits

In this module you'll receive all the pieces and parts so you can effectively market your course and increase your profits!

  • Discover the four most powerful ways to market your course!
  • Learn how to attract and develop relationships with joint venture partners!
  • Celebrate as you open the doors to your very own online classroom!

Get Ready to Multiply Your Income and Reach More Readers!

Learn How to Design, Create, Market and Sell Your Own Online Course!

Join Us for this Self-Paced Program - No Dates to Worry About
Enjoy Ongoing Support in Our Private Discussion Forum

Here's What Your Classmates Are Saying

"I'm learning so much in this program!"

“I’m learning so much in this program. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so much done! It’s because I’m motivated; and I am spurred on by the others in the program. D’vorah, you’ve laid out road maps for us in a variety of areas, which allows us to learn and grow exponentially. This is the best investment that I’ve ever made for myself and my business! D’vorah is the best Book Marketing Coach on the planet. If you want to make a business out of your book, D’vorah will help you take those steps."

- Connie Dunn (Owner of Publish with Connie)

"This is the best investment I've ever made in myself!"

“This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself!”“I found in D’vorah an experienced guide who could walk me through what I thought to be impenetrable terrain. I felt hope and excitement in the promise of not only guidance through the jungle, but the incredible emotional support of the group itself. The generosity with sharing treasure of time and talents is unmatched in anything I’ve ever experienced. D’vorah was always available when we got stumped. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I promise you will not ever regret spending time with D’vorah!”

- Pam Fitros (Author of Boldly Bald Women)

"D'vorah is one of the best leaders I've ever worked with!"

“Over the course of 20 years as a United States Air Force officer, of which 12 consecutive years were spent working at the Pentagon, I had the opportunity to work for some of the top general officers in their leadership capacity at various bases throughout the U.S. D’vorah Lansky is a marketing expert, bestselling author and online marketing wizard. In my experience she is without a doubt, one of the best leaders I’ve ever worked with because she is disciplined, in her craft, provides a vision for your business, has high integrity and knows how to put teams together that work effectively. I highly recommend if you’re an author, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, in need of developing your platform and your income streams, D’vorah Lansky is who you need to know.”

- Paul Lawrence Vann (Author of Living on Higher Ground)

"The program is inspiring, well-organized, and it delivers results!"

“The program is inspiring, well-organized, fun and focused, and it delivers results! The trainings, the action steps, and the resources are all super valuable. The workshops enable you to learn things you want to learn quickly and painlessly, in a very short amount of time. D’vorah Lansky is a wonderful teacher, and the whole group just seems to love her. An excellent course for authors to create a foundation for their marketing strategies. Highly recommended!”

- Jill Ronsley (Author of 10 Steps to Publish and Succeed)

Bring the Lessons of Your Book to Life!

Imagine what it would be like to lift the message of your book,
right off the pages and into the hearts and minds of the
exact people who are eager to hear what you have to say!
Don't yet have a book? No worries!
What you'll learn in this program can be applied to
your area of expertise or a topic you are passionate about!

What kind of impact would it have on your life to be able to
help a lot more people while making a lot more money?

Enjoy This Collection of Special Bonuses

Guide to Creating Course Content with PowerPoint

Learn how to create attractive, multimedia course content!

Guest Expert Training: "Hands-On with PowerPoint"

Enjoy this video training on creating content with PowerPoint!

Guide to Creating Sales Pages for Your Course

Discover the formula for creating compelling sales pages!

Bonus Course: List Building for Authors Made Easy

Receive full access to this entire training program!

Here's What MORE of Your Classmates Are Saying

"D'vorah is one of the best teachers of book marketing concepts I know!"

“D’vorah is one of the best teachers of book marketing concepts I know. Her magnetic ability to bring like-minded people together to instruct her audience in the ever-changing nuances of the digital publishing world is unprecedented in the industry. I’m proud to call her my personal friend, and to have watched her over the years establish herself as THE go-to online book marketing expert, right alongside publishing and book marketing greats like John Kremer and Sandra Beckwith. Don’t miss out on massive exposure and sales – invest in yourself and your book with D’vorah’s program today!”

- Kristen Joy (The Book Ninja)

"She emotes a sense of trust and know-how!"

"D'vorah was great on the 30 day Course Creation Challange. She emotes such a sense of trust and know-how. I'm looking forward to more challange programs in the future."

- Iyana Mist (Title of Upcoming Course: From Karmic Debt to Karmic Liberation)

"You are a gifted and enlightened professional!"

"I want to say how much I enjoyed and learned through your course. You are a very gifted and enlightened professional. I consider it an honor to have been able to learn from you!"

- Dora Fowler (Title of Dora's Course: The Professional Woman's Virtual Summit)

"Her quick, personalized feedback is the most supportive I've encountered!"

“During the program, I was able to complete more action steps in less than 10 days than I had completed in the previous 2 years! Dvorah delivers not only amazing content, but it is presented in a way that takes out the overwhelm by giving you the most thorough step by step instructions. Her quick personalized feedback is the most supportive I have encountered! Being a mom of 7 young children, I have limited amounts of time that I can ‘work’. What is so ideal about this program is that it easily fits into your schedule with the perfect amount of accountability to keep you moving forward on your terms. When you join up with Dvorah, not only do you receive her wonderful expertise, she graciously invites you into her circle of established authors and friends providing you with amazing networking and brainstorming opportunities!”

- Kelly Wagner (Author of the Ideal Life Planner)

"This step-by-step process builds a strong foundation!"

“This step-by-step process builds a strong foundation. D’vorah’s course content is concrete, hands-on, well-paced and extremely informative. Studying with D’vorah has strengthened my confidence and “I-can-do-it” attitude. Interacting with course participants is great, not only online but during Q&A seminar times. The whole experience is motivating and powerful!”

- Jo Ann Kairys (author of the Sunbelievable)

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Get Ready to Multiply Your Income and Reach More Readers!

Learn How to Design, Create, Market and Sell Your Own Online Course!

Join Us for this Self-Paced Program - No Dates to Worry About
Enjoy Ongoing Support in Our Private Discussion Forum

Here's What More Authors Are Saying

"She is optimistic and full of belief in your skills!"

“I find D’vorah’s content and teaching style so simple and “absorbable.” As a psychotherapist and an intuitive life coach, I tend to be extraordinarily right brained. I needed the lessons to build upon each other, which D’vorah’s content easily does. She is optimistic, full of belief in your skills, and the unique gift of each person.”

- Sharon Massoth (Intuitive View Coaching)

"D'vorah works tirelessly to prepare quality training materials for authors!"

“D’vorah works tirelessly to organize and prepare quality training material for authors. She is an excellent teacher and provides her information in an easy-to-understand manner. And I love the fact that she also practices what she preaches. I was recently a host on her virtual book tour for her latest book and was able to watch her in action. If you have the opportunity to take one of her trainings, I highly recommend it!”

- Shelley Hitz (Author and Book Marketing Expert)

"I highly recommend any author to connect & engage with D'vorah's work!"

“D’vorah’s programs are resource rich and have given me the clarity, confidence and courage to put a marketing plan together and have fun implementing it. Through her teachings I’ve created a launch video for social media, recorded readings of some chapters, and am in the process of implementing more of what I’ve learned from participating in her programs. D’vorah provides expert guidance along with informative, tips, tools and techniques to help you promote your book and get great feedback from doing so. I highly recommend any author to connect and engage with D’vorah’s work.”

- Anne E. McGhee (Author of Confidence Within)

"My confidence has had an enormous boost and I feel on top of the world!"

"Sometimes it’s really the best thing not to try and walk the road by yourself. The relief it can bring to have a mentor show you things, instead of figuring it out on your own, is really priceless. The business and personal growth I’ve experienced through working with D'vorah is hard to put into words! My confidence has had an enormous boost and I feel on top of the world. I have so much more confidence in myself. My sessions with my clients are incredible because of this confidence and I’m enjoying my work tremendously. I’m reaching out to podcast guests I would not have dreamed of a few months ago. It feels so empowering to put the shyness behind, and get on with what I can offer my clients and the world!"

- Liesel Teversham (Author of No Problem: the Upside of Saying No)


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Get Ready to Multiply Your Income and Reach More Readers!

Learn How to Design, Create, Market and Sell Your Own Online Course!

Join Us for this Self-Paced Program - No Dates to Worry About
Enjoy Ongoing Support in Our Private Discussion Forum