Course Creation Case Study: Margaret Reece – 30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology

Author’s Name: Margaret Reece, PhD
Business Name: Reece Biomedical Consulting LLC

Featuring Margaret’s 30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology

Interview with Margaret:

Margaret, How did you decide what product or program to create?

I offer coaching for students interested in becoming healthcare professionals. A major early obstacle that these students must overcome is a course in human anatomy and physiology. Anatomy can be memorized. Physiology does not lend itself to memorization, because it is a dynamic ever-adjusting process. There is however a set of core principles that can be used as a template for study of physiology. In the first 4 of 5 modules of my 30-Day Challenge, I present physiology’s core ideas and how the parts interact with each other. In module 5, I pull it all together into a plan for use while taking an anatomy and physiology course with a case study, checklists and tool kits.

What are you enjoying most about developing a business based on your book, passion, or knowledge?

I love working with students from around the world. About half of my following is from outside the United States. Healthcare is based upon the same principles worldwide. I have always enjoyed teaching in the classroom and my present business allows me to expand my horizon to include so many more students of a subject that I love. I personally like the globalization available online.

What part did D’vorah play in helping you bring your program to market?

I have had my website for coaching anatomy and physiology students since 2012. But, it did not produce any finacial benefit until I began to write books. I have two publications. They are “Physiology: Custom-Designed Chemistry” and “Inside the Closed World of the Brain.” The books sell but they do not provide a lot of income.

To build a business I knew I needed to start offering courses of my own, but I did not know how to put the pieces together until I met D’vorah. Her step by step instructions were what I needed to properly use the tools I already had in my tool kit.

What are your hopes and plans for your business?

Having taught my “30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology” twice now, I think it will be more useful to my students as an ‘on demand’ evergreen course. Current students are working through the 30 days each at their own pace. The weekly ‘live’ video slide sessions are being watched mostly as replays, because there is not a good time for students scattered across the globe to meet. Questions are being handled by email. In the near future, I want to expand my one-on-one coaching and I also want to design mini courses around the topic of each of my books.

What tip(s) can you share for others wanting to grow their business?

Be patient. It takes time to bring all of the necessary pieces together. Writing books and blogging is great for interacting with the people you enjoy most, but it is in offering courses and coaching that financial success is found. Do not quit your day job if you need a steady income until your online efforts begin to pay. Find a mentor that suits your style. For me that is D’vorah.


D’vorah’s worksheets and instructions for creating content were invaluable in organizing and paring down my ideas to their essence. Even so, I worried after I completed my 30-Day Challenge that it was too much material. Yet, physiology is a huge subject and I knew I was going to need a lot of content to make the points that needed to be conveyed. In surveying my students at the end of the course however, they replied that the content level was just right. Thank you D’vorah!!

When considering live conferences as part of a course design, try to anticipate where your students live. Because my following is worldwide, I should have anticipated that good timing for conferencing would be an issue.

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