Course Creation Case Study: Isabel Richli – Detox Through Juicing

Isabel Richli
Business Name: Le Royaume des Jus

Name of Featured Program: Detox Preparation Through Juicing – 5 weeks coaching program including a 3 days program detox in video
Website where we can find your product or business:

How did you decide what product or program to create?

I had a client last year who was going through though times with her health and shared with me how doctors told her she had bad inflammation on her knees that prevented her to walk and she should seek for knee surgery.

I introduced her on juicing and changing her regular acidic diet into an alkaline plant based diet to help her recover from this inflammation condition. As I had so many information to share with her and didn’t want to overwhelm her I started to create a membership area on my WP blog for her to go at her own pace with this precious, abundant and new knowledge.

When I was introduced to D’vorah’s work I was in the process to upload the content on my website, so when I heard about the teaching and coaching offered through the 30 days Course Creation Challenge to create an online course I jumped in to make my project alive and also get the support and the structure to finish it ! My client didn’t see the end result as she was very challenged with these
changes and backed up …eventually, 6 months later she gave me the testimony that she got these diet changes in place and successfully got rid of the inflammation in her knees ! Hallelujah! During this time I focused on my online classroom!!!

What are you enjoying most about developing a business based on your book, passion, or knowledge?

My book is a practical piece of the work I do! So developing a coaching practice around the book and with the book is really marvelous as it gives me the space to coach my clients on a long term caring relationship (9 month to one year minimum). That’s what I enjoy most ! I am here for them and their success and health is my best reward! What I enjoy aslo is the support it gives me to have an online classroom where I have the foundation on which I can add while I coach new clients.

What part did D’vorah play in helping you bring your product or business to market? She is the coach I was looking for! She has the structure which helps me to go all the way to the completion of my vision, and she is so talented that she has every following piece I might need! And we are building a long and deep relationship where I can receive all the support and encouragement I need! D’vorah is also a great and caring model I can follow with confidence, she is always available, she loves our questions, she makes us laugh and she cheers all fo us in the group up to make us believe in ourselves, and build up the confidence we will do it and succeed! Because I work in french I am missing a little bit on the feedback that others students might have. I keep responding to D’vorah’s call to get further and I love it, I am progressing, I understand better how to think business term, andI make sure to put all what D’vorah recommends in my calendar!

What are your hopes and plans for your business?

I am expecting to develop a prosperous full time online business in order to reach lots of dedicated women to their mission who might have health issues and find themselves stuck because of it. I moved from wanting to be of help to be a creator of my own business providing support and coaching in this area of health. Nobody is prepared in front of a health issue surging all of a sudden. And it is not hard to have a strong health when you are conscious this gift of health is more precious than time yet! and when you can access a nurturing and caring relationship with a coach who went through the journey herself like I did.I was starting in 2013 in selling slow juicers and Barley Max from Hallelujah Acres, but now I am visioning a school for life, health and longevity. D’vorah’s model is beautiful and I am forever thankful for all want she is and does, for me and for the authors of her community.

What tip can you share for others wanting to grow their business?

Find a coach like D’vorah and stick with her! Use paper and ink to write all the ideas coming to mind, even if they are confused, it will come a time it will get clearer and clearer, with the help of your coach. Ask D’vorah, ask all your questions and use your calendar ! The business can not be done nor developed in one day, nor even in a 30 days challenge, but one planned day at a time it takes shape and even D’vorah will see it. Then she cheers you on even better and then you become unstoppable!

I love being myself and not having to correspond to a model, I work in and from my kitchen to show it is possible to change our health ourselves. And I love to have in you, D’vorah, a model to follow to create what is in my heart! My 4 books were created in my kitchen too !Thank you so much for enjoying being this loving coach you are ! With lots of joy and gratefulness for you! A big hug from my kitchen in Switzerland, Isabel

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