Course Creation Case Study: Donna K. Fitch – Reward Your Success Starter Kit

Author’s Name: Donna K. Fitch
Business Name: Reward Your Success

Featured product or program name: Reward Your Success starter kit

Website where we can find your product or business:

How did you decide what product or program to create?

I did some serious soul-searching. I was working on a business for which I just couldn’t work up enthusiasm. Writing blog posts was like pulling teeth for me. There was no joy in it. I stepped back and looked at what I really enjoy doing. I love crafting, but I also love encouraging women to succeed in their dreams. I combined the two concepts, and that became Reward Your Success. Since then, I love everything about it.

What are you enjoying most about developing a business based on your book, passion, or knowledge?

I’m doing what I love to do rather than what I think other people expect me to do, based on my skill set. Creating jewelry and helping people achieve their dreams is a wonderful combination, with so much scope for expansion.

What part did D’vorah play in helping you bring your product or business to market?

D’vorah was my mentor for about two years, and she taught me just about all I know about book marketing. She was the one who encouraged me to do what brings me joy, rather than the web design business I was working with previously. I learned so much from her courses and webinars. She is always supportive, a truly kind and caring person. I am grateful for all her help and her continued friendship.

What are your hopes and plans for your business?

I want to continue growing the business and attracting more people who want to achieve their dreams. The concept of rewarding yourself for achieving your goals has been well received. Building up my list is a priority, and I hope to have grown to 250 members by the end of the year. I would like to start guest posting on related blogs, and will take that up by fall 2017 at the latest.

My next expansion, planned for next year, will include group coaching, as well as adding necklaces to my jewelry line. I can see a lot of scope for adding an affiliate program, as my goals fit quite well with those of others interested in teaching about self-help. I plan to write a book on the subject, probably coming out by the end of next year, once I have testimonials about the process.

What tip(s) can you share for others wanting to grow their business?

My most recent experience has been with my business launch, centered on Facebook. I had a brainstorming session with myself about six weeks in advance, writing down everything I thought would need to be done for the launch—domain name, Facebook page, etc. Then I wrote it all down in my planner. Some events did get changed along the way, and I was thrown some unexpected curves, but overall it was successful. The planning aspect is key; don’t expect to wing it with a big event that you want to go well.

D’vorah’s words still remain with me: “Do what brings you joy.” That is so very important. Training is a vital part of your growth as a professional, whatever your business, especially marketing training. If you don’t invest in yourself to learn and grow, you won’t last long in your business. D’vorah is an excellent resource; her courses have been worth every penny.

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