Welcome to our Community Blog Hop

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Welcome to our community Blog Hop! What a great way for us to get to know one another, and for everyone who participates to get a lot of visitors to their blog! Thank you and get ready for a lot of fun and many new visitors to your site! See below for the tour stops on the Blog Hop. Have fun exploring!

During our last Book Marketing Challenge participants learned new strategies throughout the month, culminating in a blog hop. Exciting news! Our next Book Marketing Boot Camp will be taking place this summer! Stay tuned for details and enjoy visiting blogs and reading inspiring articles from these amazing participants!

Note: If you have a blog you’d like to include in the blog hop, include a description of your blog and a link to your blog in the comments section below.

Destinations on the Blog Hop Trail

Hop 1: Sara F. Hathaway: Survival in The Changing Earth’s Book Publishing World
Hop 2: Connie Dunn: Blog Hop Fun
Hop 3: Astrid Nicholls: The Book Marketing Challenge: An Important Lesson
Hop 4: Anne Lorene Tezon: Baby, We’ve Just Birthed a Book Business!
Hop 5: Gina Briganti: Welcome, Book Marketing Challenge Blog Hoppers!
Hop 6: Peggy M McAloon: A Concise and Proven Book Marketing Plan
Hop 7: Donna Winters: Goodreads for Authors
Hop 8: Moreen Torpy: Organizing a Book Marketing Project
Hop 9: Pam Fitros: 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge – A Literary Antipasto
Hop 10: J.Q. Rose: Time to Celebrate at the Book Marketing Blog Hop
Hop 11: Roxanne Smolen: Marketing Equals Visibility
Hop 12: Elizabeth Armstrong: Lifestyle Transformation with Help of Author Ecosystem
Hop 13: Marilynn Dawson: Blog Hop Stop Wrapping up The Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 14: Desiree Cox: Write it and They Will Come, Right?
Hop 15: Kateryna Kei: The Book Marketing Challenge: a Lucky Coincidence for Authors
Hop 16: Gloria Oren: I did it! I completed the 30 day Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 17: Loretta Alvarado: Facebook Fanpage First Friday Artwalk
Hop 18: Hayley Clarke: ‘Bribe’ Idea’s That can be Used to Build an Email List
Hop 19: Kate Loving Shenk: The Book Challenge is a Rewire
Hop 20: Jean Wise: Healthy Spirituality
Hop 21: Renee Alter: A Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 22: L. Shoshana Rhodes: The 30-Day Book Marketing All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!
Hop 23: Kim Miller: Why You Should Blog (It’s Not Just About Marketing!)
Hop 24: Linda Chappo: Getting Serious About Book Marketing
Hop 25: HL Carpenter: Blog Hops and Movie Stars
Hop 26: Dr. Christine Rowe: Is Something Inside Calling You Out?
Hop 27: Janine Moore: What a new Author has in common with a Job Seeker
Hop 28: Carmen Myrtis-Garcia: An Author’s Goldmine
Hop 29: Karen Banes: 7 Reasons to Publish a Kindle Series
Hop 30: Jeanne Grunert: Book Marketing Challenge: Three Lessons Learned
Hop 31: Nancy R. Smith: Who Will Read My Book
Hop 32: Rachel Schneider : Book Marketing Challenge – A Haunting Tale
Hop 33: Helena Kalivoda: Are You Marketing Your Book?
Hop 34: Liz McGrory: Igniting Mommy Energy Virtual Book Tour
Hop 35: Peg Hubbard: Where to Start? It’s Been an Amazing 30 Days
Hop 36: Linda Orr Easthouse: Challenges
Hop 37: Mili Fay: The Picture-Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 38: Ann Goodfellow: Perseverance
Hop 39: Hazel Hart: Making Connections
Hop 40: Jacci Turner: Are You Worth the Investment?
Hop 41: Judy Strong: Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 42: Beth Wilson: The Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 43: Tui Snider: 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge: It’s Just Beginning!
Hop 44: Liane Luini: Marketing Help for a Newbie Fiction Writer
Hop 45: Nicholas Kotar: Your Facebook Page as a Vaudeville Stage
Hop 46: Sally Ember: How to Stupendify my Ebook’s Release with a Virtual Book Tour
Hop 47: Shirley Corder: Book Marketing Feast
Hop 48: C. Fong Hsiung: Book Marketing Challenge: What an Experience
Hop 49: Vickie Newman: Eye Opener: How the Book Challenge Changed my Vision
Hop 50: Edward Cook: Online Courses
Hop 51: Michael S. Orban: Marketing? Marketing?? Marketing!!!
Hop 52: Toni Mari: Horse Trainer to Author: Book Marketing Challenge Makes It Happen
Hop 53: Donna Fitch: Maximize Your Marketing Impact with a WordPress Website
Hop 54: Ruth L. Snyder: 5 Ways to Effectively Market Your Book
Hop 55: Clara Noble: Hobby or Business?
Hop 56: Sarah Butland: Building a Business with My Book
Hop 57: Ann Logue: Lessons Learned in Eight Years of Marketing Books
Hop 58: Doreen Pendgracs: Planning a Virtual Book Tour
Hop 59: Debra Yuska: Reaching More Women by Interviewing Other Experts
Hop 60: Sharon Smith: I Completed the 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 61: Khafra K Om-Ra-Seti: Accelerate My Marketing Plans for 2014
Hop 62: Kathryn Alexander: Leadership for Change
Hop 63: Gina Akao: Book Challenge Blog Hop: Repurposing Your Content
Hop 64: William Farmoon: When the Student is Ready
Hop 65: Rali Macaulay: 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge – Perfect Timing
Hop 66: Mary Choo: Social Media: Could it be the Diamond in My Pocket?
Hop 67: Rahna Barthelmess: Living Like D’vorah: Personal Branding Author-style
Hop 68: Kathryn V. White: Easy Ways to Market Your Books
Hop 69: Sheryl Siler: Not as Scary as You Think
Hop 70: Elder Langhorne: Time for Some Action
Hop 71: J. R. Baldini: One on One Marketing – Your Ideal Reader
Hop 72: PaTrisha-Anne Todd: 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge
Hop 73: Carol Harper: Book Marketing Challenge Will Help Divorced Women
Hop 74: Tamara Kulish: Become a Lemonade Maker (and an awesome blogger)
Hop 75: Selwyn Arrow: Blog Hop Discoveries
Hop 76: Akinola Ajani: Operation Game Change
Hop 77: Nicole Valicia: How a Blind Woman Chooses Book Marketing Strategies
Hop 78: D’vorah Lansky: The Blessings in Serving Your Ideal Audience
Hop 79: Eunice Nisbett: Creating Your Media Page Graphic
Hop 80: Liesel Teversham: You Don’t Have to Do Everything Yourself


  1. Sounds very interesting! I hope I can prepare for it. I’m still working diligently on the last part of ebook #2 hoping to complete all the writing by this Saturday.That’s my priority. The tour is a very worthwhile event as has been this entire :Challenge”

  2. If you need to set up your blog quickly, D’vorah asked me to remind you of my guest blog post from week one. You can sign up for my free eCourse at http://www.writingandeditingtoday.com.

  3. I’ve just reviewed the eight “Hop” examples and am ready to start work my blog post. Narrowing to just one topic is going to be tough. I have a huge notebook full of information and action steps.

  4. Renee Alter says:

    I haven’t seen any mention of google’s blogspot which is the one I am using. Is anyone else using this? I am so excited about this course!

  5. Marilynn Dawson says:

    Not even Saturday yet and I’m starting to get BMC traffic to my hop contribution. Right on! It was but wasn’t hard for me to narrow down, because of what I ended up coming into the course with. I’d initially thought I’d do it with my grad gift, but then quickly discovered that the concepts being covered fit great with my tiny ebook!

  6. Sally Ember, Ed.D. says:

    I hope to be included. Just filled out form and finished post! Thanks, everyone!

    • Hi Sally, sent you an email – I can’t seem to find your post via the link you sent. It could be that you have it scheduled for tomorrow. If you’d like it featured today – perhaps set it to publish now. Please let me know, via email, when you are set so I can add your blog to the hop schedule above. Thanks!

  7. Shirley Corder says:

    Just a quickie: The URL for # 10 is incorrect.

    Can’t wait to sit and read all these. Thanks for a wonderful idea.

  8. Gina says:

    I love blog hops! I look forward to seeing everyone.

  9. Peg Hubbard says:

    Got my blog entry form in — hope that it’s not too late to be listed! I’m loving everyone’s blogs — we’ve all learned so much. This feels like a “graduation party”. Thanks to all the participants who have posted such great comments and questions this month. I learned from each of you. Happy Marketing, everyone!

  10. Nancy Smith says:

    Submitted mine this morning and linked it to my new author fan page which also went public this morning. I, too, hope my post gets included here!

  11. Jan says:

    Hello Everyone! I just want to say that I have already started Blog Hopping and am really enjoying reading your posts. I also have a question for all of you savvy techies out there. I have tried to leave comments on three different websites already and have been tripped up each time. It seems one wants a Google password (which I don’t have), another wants my WordPress password (which I thought was just for my own website) and I couldn’t figure out what the third wanted. So, although I am visiting sites, you may never know it. Will I need a password for every Blog I visit? Are there any that don’t require it? Once my Blog post appears here, could someone please check it for me and tell me if you need a password to leave a comment? I’d greatly appreciate that because it seems I may need to mention this to readers who may be as confused as I am. Happy Blog Hopping! P.S. If my site needs a password, could you please tell me what kind of password is required.

    • Not to worry Jan! I get easily confused with techie stuff too! 🙂 If you have a WordPress password, try using that. I think it should work for you.

    • Hi Jan, I ran into the same problem. couldn’t figure out what they wanted. I emailed D’vorah and got it straightened out, but it is confusing. I’m very tech-challenged. Don’t even know what a widget is. Good Luck. Judy

    • Hi Judy,

      Most bloggers will set up some sort of a password system to help prevent comment spam. WordPress logins created over at wordpress.com can also be used to log in to sites who have set up wordpress-only logins. There is quite a bit of comment spam out there, so this is one of the ways bloggers can keep it at bay.

    • You don’t need a password to leave a message on my blog. Just send it to my website.patsbooksplus.com. It will go into my e-mail address first and then I can post it. Vista Print who helped me create my website, does it that way as a way for me to filter out any unwanted junk mail. Good to chat with you. Pat Murphy

    • tljcgtn says:

      I know on my blog posts you need to have an account with me – which is free to set up – to comment…


  12. Carmen Myrtis-Garcia says:

    I just filled out the form again with my corrected address. I hope to be included. Can’t wait to visit others’ blogs and have you all visit mine, too. 🙂

  13. This whole experience was fantastic. I look forward to more from D’vorah and the experts, and will definitely recommend it to my friends!

  14. Thank you for this opportunity, D’vorah. The Challenge was excellently presented, and we learned A LOT!

    We appreciate all your hard work, as well as the generosity of your posters. Thanks, too, to the other participating authors, who so willingly shared their experiences in the comments.

    We hope to see everyone around the blog-o-sphere and the interwebz. 🙂

  15. Hi Everyone, whew! Okay, in a word (or two) YOU ROCK! Thank you for being so incredible. This experience has been a total delight. As of this moment, I have posted all of the Blog Hop destinations on the schedule above.

    If you do not see your posting, check your email because either: I could not find the mentioned post via the link you provided or the form you sent in did not include an article that focuses on the Blog Hop Theme (see the top of this page for details.) I believe that I’ve sent an email to the people who submitted a form with a title and link – but whose article does not appear via that link. I’ll continue to add posts through Saturday sundown.

    Let the games begin! See you on the Blog Hop Trail!
    With appreciation, D’vorah

  16. Karen says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of blogs to hop. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks so much to everyone involved in the challenge. It’s been a great experience.

  17. I’ve just submitted my post to be included on the hop. Two doctor’s appointments took me away from my desk yesterday and today, but hopefully, I’ll make the list and be part of the hop! Cheers to all and happy weekend.

  18. Eunice Nisbett says:

    Thank you D’vorah for putting together another empowering event and for being such a gracious hostess.

    I enjoyed being part of this year’s online conference and look forward to visiting the blogs.


  19. I visited several blogs. Dr. Christine Rowe: Is Something Inside Calling You Out? was of interest to me, but I couldn’t see how to ‘sign in’ to leave a comment. I tried the videos, but only got a black screen and no audio – perhaps my internet was slow, so I’ll go back tomorrow. This is great as it gets me to sample the vast array of talent and topics that are here.


    • Wow, Kathyrn ~ Thank you,, you are absolutely right- in hurry to post, no comment section,, so sorry! It is also posted at facebook. Look for Elder-Gateway: Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Quality Of Life

      • Wow, Kathyrn ~ Thank you,, you are absolutely right- in hurry to post, no comment section,, so sorry! It is also posted at facebook. Look for Elder-Gateway: Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Quality Of Life

        Update: You can now leave feedback,, whew!

  20. William Farmoon says:

    what a beautiful and awesome journey this has been … (whew …) so many wonderful authors … my blog entry is in (2am) .., profound thanks D’vorah …

  21. Just about to write my blog post and submit later today!

    I must say what a fabulous idea, in fact the whole experience has been super!

    PaTrisha-Anne Todd ‘The Book Lady Entrepreneur’

  22. Got my hopping shoes on and can’t wait to hop on down the bunny trail. Thank you, D’vorah, for hosting such a great challenge. I learned more in 30 days than I have in the last 2 years. To use your words, “You Rock!”

  23. Hi D’vorah,

    What a fun idea! I’ve posted my blog for this blog hop and completed the online form associated with it. Thank you for hosting and bringing together so many wonderful people for this 30-Day Challenge! Loved the bite-size daily chunks of information.

  24. More meat in this 30-day challenge than this vegan girl knows what to do with. I’ll be digesting for months to come. Just so happens my blog today is hosting a main character blog tour.

  25. Hello! This entire program / process is completely life-changing for me!!! I LOVE being connected to so many authors / coaches with similar interests as mine to learn from, find mentors, and be inspired by!!! Hopefully someone is reading this because I would like to know if others are using google blogger like I am as their landing page. It seems like most everyone is using WordPress. I did realize that there was no obvious place to leave comments so after I figured out how to do this, I put a P.S. on the end of my blog to point this out. What an incredibly exciting weekend as a grand finale in this program!

  26. Kate Loving Shenk says:

    Am loving the blog hop!! How does a blog hop translate to a traditional Virtual Book Tour, D’vorah? Or can it be viewed as a variation?

    Now back to the blogs!!

    • Kate, I am loving this idea! There are so many ways to shape a virtual book tour. Our book marketing challenge could be considered an “in house” virtual book tour, this blog hob could be considered a virtual author tour. I’m thinking of adding this aspect to our upcoming virtual book tour boot camp as it would be a great way to feature one or a few blogs a day so we could really get a chance to know one another. This blog hop has really taken off. It’s been an experience and opportunity for us all.

      • Kate Loving Shenk says:

        Yes! A Virtual Author Tour! What a terrific take on a traditional idea! Not to mention your upcoming Teleseminar virtual book tour class! Inspiring!!

    • A book tour is when you as the author line up several bloggers who will host you on their blog in some fashion. A blog hop is what we are all part of right now, where we all write our own blog post on our own blog, and they get added to a list like this one. Some hops I’ve seen in the past have each blogger add a link to the next hop along the way so the viewer never hits a list like this, but just hits the next link in order. It took me a long time to figure out the differences. But those are the keys there. Many blog hops have themes like this one. Book tours always have a theme provided by the author, and that theme is their book that they are promoting in various ways. I’m currently firming up plans for a pre-launch book tour, organizing which bloggers are going to feature me or my book on which days over the next 8 weeks.

  27. Nancy Smith says:

    So far I have read 13 of the posts and have just run into the first one — which I really liked a lot — that won’t let me post a comment without logging in!

    • I’ve just been having the same problem Nancy! See my post below.

    • Password requirements keep comment spam at bay. As I am number 13 on the list, I should let you know I also employ wang guard, which tries to filter out spam sign-ups. So if you were accidentally flagged as a splogger, let me know and I’ll add you manually. I am getting upwards of 100 sploggers per day from jibberish outlook.com accounts right now.

  28. Is anyone else having problems leaving comments on a WordPress blog if you don’t have a WordPress account? It asks for the password to my email but then gives me an error message that it’s incorrect. Frustrating! I have a gmail account and my blog is through google. Any advice would be appreciated! 🙂

  29. Thanks, D’vorah, for the workbook. Am ready to review and to pick up pieces that I missed first time around.
    Will we also have access to the website and to videos and audio interviews for awhile longer—several months?

    • Hi Carmen, yes, Gold members will have ongoing access to the workshops, interviews, and all of the bonuses, action guides and collections of articles. Additionally, the Facebook group will remain available for gold members to network, share ideas, and ask questions.

  30. Re; having to register at WordPress: WordPress has protocols for dealing with Spam etc. Registering is recommended to ensure that the comment comes from a genuine email. The inconvenience protects us all. Thank you for registering~
    Elder-gateway: the 2nd half of life should be the Best Part!

    • Thanks for the explanation Christine. That makes sense. It would be nice if the message explained that rather than telling you your password is incorrect. Oh well… 🙂

  31. “How Usual,” the Shaman/Apu of the Achual tribe in the Peruvian Amazon used to say whenever miraculous, serendipitous happenings, connections and “coincidences” would come together (often at the last possible second) to keep our tribal projects moving forward. D’vorah, you’ve linked into a similar flow where pragmatic enterprise and personal energy merge to bless each of us who have had the opportunity to participate in the Build a Book Experience.. I’m just grateful I’m a Goldmember, 😉 I am so looking forward to our next steps~ Thank you.

  32. Great hopping – love reading your recollections, realizations, and about your future focus of your marketing. Thank you D’vorah!

  33. Regarding Having to Sign in to WordPress.COM to leave a comment… This happened to me too. You have to make sure that the email address you are using when leaving comments, matches a WordPress.COM login. And that you are logged in to WordPress.com before you try to leave the comment.

  34. Sharon Smith says:

    D’vorah, I can’t get through all the blog posts. Will they be available after Saturday?

  35. Yes, this page will be available ongoing. We have many more posts than we thought we’d have to you can go through them in a manner that works for you. I’m visiting sites five at a time and then coming back to enjoy more. I plan on continuing to visit sites throughout the day and into the coming week. Some bloggers are sadly missing out though, as they do not have “comments turned on” or the commenting process requires such stringent “hoops” that they will not receive the comments their post deserves. Know however that hundreds of authors are visiting your site and reading your posts. Hopefully you’ll see a spike in your book sales too, as people resonate with your message.

  36. What are you enjoying most about the Blog Hop?

  37. D’vorah: How long will the blogs be available to visit? Soooo many blogs & so little time! Thanks again for this awesome 30 day challenge!

    • Hi Shoshana, the blog hop can continue on as we got many more participants than we had expected. I’m planning on continuing through the weekend and into the week. I’m so enjoying reading the articles and getting to know everyone.

  38. Roxanne Smolen says:

    What a fun blog hop! I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s wonderful to get to know everyone. What an interesting and diverse group of writers we have here. D’vorah, thank you for your time and expertise. Your Book Marketing Challenge was truly a gift.

    • Thank you Roxanne! I’ve found, over the years, that the very favorite part of our events, is the interaction and idea sharing between participants. As you “build a business with your book” give thought to how you can “create community” with your audience?

  39. Because I am unable to spend a lot of time on the computer per day, I ordered your soft cover book on blooking from Amazon. This way, I can read it in my lesiure time, It has been a great experience. Thank you Dvorah

    • Sorry I spelled blog incorrectly. I also thought I ordered the book on blog and find Amazon is sending me the one on vitural Tours. .If this is one and the same-fine-otherwise I would also like to order the paperback on blogging. I just need to be lead back to the site so i can order it. I will find both books very usefull.Thanks

  40. cruising down the blog hop highway … what a wonderful, entertaining, enlightening way to spend a Sunday …

  41. Loved the seminars, particularly the subject of virtual fiction book blog tours. I must admit I missed most of a week (out of town), but will try to review what I missed and consider a tour before launching my next novel.


    • I also mssed that one. last week was an exceptional busy and trying one for me so had little time to spend on the computer. I also need to go back and review it and if possible purchase a paperback on it as I can take it with me any where.

  42. Nicole Thompson-Andrews says:

    This is a cool idea. Glad the posts will still be open for comment.

  43. Very happy to hear the posts will be available into the week, takes the anxiety out.

  44. I visited everyone’s site or FB page, but some wouldn’t let me post any comments. WordPress is acting weird or their site blocked me or something. Did what I could. Best to you all!

  45. Thanks so much for keeping this “live” after the fact. Your “30 day challenge” will be more like a “60 day challenge” for me, given all the other constraints on my time, but at least I’m doing it and keeping at least part of my brain focused on this very valuable part of the challenge. Plan to try to visit some of these this week.

  46. I now write fiction so learning how to create a fictional book tour is important to me. I missed that lesson. What day was it? .Perhaps I can go back in and review it and purchase a paper back on it.

  47. Jan says:

    Hello Everyone! I’m really enjoying the Blog Hop. Getting to know you is so much fun! Have only made it down the list to #45 so far. Have left a comment everywhere that allowed me to. Will go back after reviewing all the Blog posts and email everyone whose site didn’t allow me to comment. I’ve kept a list of those. Happy reading!

  48. I’ve had to pop in and out of the challenge for a great reason – a new grandson. But what I’ve gotten out of the challenge has been a great feeling of connection. At times I feel like we are all individually shooting an arrow into the dark and hoping that someone catches it and reads our blogs and buys our books. Getting a connection broad enough, especially with a niche book like mine, is quite challenging. Thank you!

  49. Sarah Butland says:

    I’ve been working on catching up but have also noticed I haven’t received any comments on my site. Are all of you still hopping?

    Thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Arm Farm, Brain Tales and Blood Day

  50. Good day. Interesting idea. Looking forward to checking out all the blogs.
    Richard Lowe’s author website

  51. blog hopping is fun and a great way to connect. I write a faith based on if anyone wants to visit.


  52. lieselteversham says:

    Hello author friends!
    I wrote an article recently about NOT doing everything ourselves – an insight I had recently due to some body aches and pains. My work serves introverts who want to make the best of their incredible talents, while applying healthy self-care and creating a career the adore.


  53. Dvorah this sounds fun. There are several I am going over to visit after a quick scan.

    My bog is about almost – everything introvert – from business to manifesting. http://patricia-weber.com – providing practical tools for the introvert to navigate the rules at work.


    Right now I am cutting back to blogging 2 x a month instead of 4 x. Still over 500+ blog posts.

  54. This sounds fun. I am a pediatrician and write a parenting blog.
    I usually start with a story of someone I met that teaches a parenting lesson. Then make a few remarks about the lesson and why it is important.
    Over the years I have published four books, (two with Alfred A. Knopf). One on sports medicine, one on childhood diseases (for kids), and two on parenting.
    Thanks, for all you do for us struggling authors. We all appreciate you!
    Par Donahue

  55. Hello Everyone,

    Great to see this blog hopping. I have been blogging about The Writing Life for years and have over 1300 entries in my blog with tons of content and helpful information for anyone in publishing. I’ve written more than 60 books for traditional publishers and for more than 50 print magazines. One of my latest books is Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams, Insider Secrets to Skyrocket Your Success. Terrific to be blog hopping with you today.

    The Writing Life

  56. I blog about how to find the benefits in your dreams. The dream state is the same as a hypnosis state–note the power!

  57. I’m a bit late to the party, but as I was visiting some of the blogs, I wanted to leave a comment, but couldn’t. One comment place asked me to create and sign in a Google Plus account. I have an account, but when they started asking for more details like phone numbers, I decided Google Plus was not for me. Guess I have a lot to learn.
    I do have to say, there is a great article in the May/June 2016 issue of Writer’s Digest on blogging and creating SEO blogs. Robert Lee Brewer’s main idea was to be focused and concise, use headings and subheadings to break up the text because people don’t read every word. They skim at best and sometimes only read headings and the paragraphs that interest them. Use the SEO tools on every post: choose key words, put key words in the beginning of the title and the headings. Check it out.
    Thanks, D’vorah, for giving us this opportunity.

  58. Thank you for this opportunity. I enjoy reading the various blogs and would love to share mine. My blog is focused on tips and strategies for entrepreneurs to transition from stressed out and stuck to getting things done. You can read my latest blog about regaining control when feeling paralyzed by feelings of overwhelm here: http://www.fabulouslybalancedlife.com/how-to-regain-control-of-your-business-to-increase-growth/

  59. I love the blog hop concept and would be honored to participate!
    5 reasons to add Zero and Low-Content Books to your product line http://www.expandyourheart.org/blog/zero-content-books-sell-like-hotcakes

  60. Is it too late to be added? Here is my posting: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. It is about the important of Believing. Working. And Letting It Be. You can find it at the direct link below:

    Blog is http://www.gettingback2creative.com.


  61. tljcgtn says:

    We have been remodeling our website: http://tljconsultinggroup.com/
    My blog i Mathematical Moments: http://tljconsultinggroup.com/blog/
    Five words every educator should think about BEFORE they plan their instruction (see the sidebar middle) is an interesting post. It is one that I wrote for TES Global back at the beginning of the school year. Enjoy.


  62. Here is my blog. I’d love to guest post if anyone is interested in trading. My blog is About Writing but it sometimes includes artists of any type. http://www.timetowritenow.com


    Julaina Kleist-Corwin

  63. Quite a cast of characters, indeed. Stopped after reading six, but I’ll return . . . Thanks!

  64. Oooh, forgot to post my site:
    Habe fun.

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