Challenge Creation Showcase: Jerri Eddington

Jerri Eddington Ed.D.,  Soul Success Coach – Educator – Mediator – Author – Energy Healer – Facilitator of Change – JV Partner and Author of: Work It Out Together! A Step-by-Step Guide for Implementing a Peer Mediation Program

Jerri is the Creator of “Energy Connections” and the Co-Creator of “Lighten Up and Thrive.” “Lighten Up and Thrive!” is a sacred vision of sharing our expertise and wisdom as transformational Life Coaches. She facilitates powerful, transformative programs so you can experience“Joyful Living for Mind, Body and Soul.” Jerri embraces the mystery of all that you can be.

In addition to her energy/healing modalities, Jerri has thirty-eight years experience as an educator, counselor, and coach. She lives with her husband Bob in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Challenge Title: Living With Purpose: 30-Day Alignment Reset

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Challenge Description: Living With Purpose: 30-Day Alignment Reset. Learn What You Need to Know about “Living With Purpose” and being able to work through the process of figuring out how to do just that over the course of 30 Days.

  • Discover what it means to Live With Purpose
  • Learn why it is Important to Find Your Purpose
  • Gain clarity about Your Purpose
  • Realize there is a connection between Your Purpose and Happiness
  • and Much more!

What have you enjoyed most about the Challenge Creation Experience Program. I love D’vorah’s step by step approach to creating a challenge for my audience. She took a complicated process and broke it down in manageable action steps. Ongoing support is provided by D’vorah and her Reach More Readers community.

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