Challenge Creation Showcase: Kate Kunkel

Kate Kunkel is a writer and harpist who entertained in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years. When she returned to Canada, she began teaching harp privately and in workshops, sharing with students the skills and knowledge she acquired as a professional musician. Kate recently expanded her educational offerings to the internet, and now has several online courses and holds virtual retreats for harpists around the world.

In 2018, Kate will expand her educational offerings in live retreats. Harpists and writers will be able to immerse themselves in their art at the sanctuary that Kate and her husband are building on the coast of Ecuador. Complete with a labyrinth and meditation space, Casas Pacíficos, which means “Houses of Peace”, is the culmination of Kate’s decades-long dream for a place of peace and healing where she can continue to share the transformative power of music, art and the written word.

Challenge Title: Seven Steps to Left Hand Harp Awesomeness
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Challenge Description: In each of the seven days of the challenge, harpists are given progressively difficult exercises, delivered on video with printable worksheets, to help them overcome some of the most vexing problems encountered when trying to coordinate left and right hands in harp playing. Many harpists, especially adult learners, have trouble keeping the melody with the right hand while playing accompaniment and keeping rhythm with the left hand. This challenge not only paces them through the steps that will make that easier, it also gives them new accompaniment patterns that they can use in all of their pieces.

Description of the Audience for the Challenge: My audience is middle-aged and older adult harp learners, primarily women. They most likely read music reasonably well because they have taken some instrument when they were younger, so they don’t normally need help there. They will be able to coordinate right and left hand more quickly with these exercises and they will be able to count aloud and keep the rhythm while doing so.

Kudos for the Challenge Creation Experience Program

I love the interaction with others who are going through the same experience. Entrepreneurs are so often working solo, so it’s hard to get unbiased feedback on projects. The help I got naming the challenge was invaluable. And of course, I love D’vorah’s teaching style. It is very similar to my own – very down-to-earth and genuine, so I can relate to it very well. I learn much better than in the more hyper styles of some online coaches.

It seems to go by so fast, but that’s okay – you got me doing this MUCH more rapidly than I dreamt possible. I literally thought it would take me months – but I am up and operating about 1 month after signing up for the course. Whoo hoooo!

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