Challenge Creation Showcase: Brenda Trott

Brenda Trott , known as the “Make Money In Your Sleep Girl” helps small business owners stop cold calling by coaching them to be the “go-to” person in their field, through social media, book publications and public relations. She also helps them develop a diverse income where they too can make money in their sleep.

Author of several how-to media marketing books and nominated the best Social Media Strategist in Houston, she has been called upon by ABC radio and other media venues to chime in on the ever changing world of social media. She founded Done4U Media to promote businesses and their owners through attraction marketing and also offers classes to those who are not yet ready to give up their own marketing hat.

Challenge Title and Link: Marketing Momentum Challenge

Challenge Description: Participants get a customized marketing plan to implement each day over the course of two weeks. The plan is designed to help them build know, like, and trust with their preferred clientele while only spending a few minutes each day. In addition to daily instructions, participants in the Marketing Momentum Challenge will receive instructional videos showing them how to do more tech related tasks such as embedding posts or starting a live video on Facebook.

Description of the Audience for the Challenge: This course is designed for small business owners who understand the value of social media but feel overwhelmed. They may be spinning their wheels wondering where they should post or wondering why their consistent promotional posts are not getting them any sales. They may feel the most difficult part of their online marketing is knowing what to post and where. When they participate in the Marketing Momentum Challenge, they can relax, spend 10 minutes posting valuable content and see what happens when they are consistent in their marketing efforts.

What have you enjoyed most about the Challenge Creation Experience Program? I always learn something new from D’vorah and she makes sure to highlight our successes! She breaks things down into an easy to digest format and makes her community feel warm fuzzies even through massive amounts of progress.

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