Virtual Book Tour for Virtual Book Tour 21 Ways

A virtual book tour is much like a traditional book tour, but instead of authors traveling from city to city and venue to venue, hoping there will be a crowd when they arrive, they travel virtually to a variety of targeted blogs across the Internet. During your virtual book tour, you have the opportunity to be hosted by experts in your industry who help to promote you and introduce you to their readers. In this way, you gain credibility and your … [Read more...]


Welcome to Book Marketing Made Easy Virtual Blog Tour! Click on the Tour Destination Links to visit Top Book Marketing Blogs! Book Marketing Made Easy Available on Amazon Tour Host - Dr. Steve Taubman Audio Interview with the Author Tour Host - Shelley Hitz Relationship Marketing with Greeting Cards Tour Host - Michelle Vandepas Video Interview with the Author Tour Host - Roger C. Parker AudioInterview with Roger and … [Read more...]

Days #1-3 – The 21-Day Blog Tour Begins

I have a feeling that this 21-Day Virtual Book Tour journey is going to be the "ride of my life!" Lots of excitement, support, encouragement and an outpouring of support and teamwork. Thank you with all my heart! Here's an overview of what you can experience on days #1-3 of this tour. Take note, that regardless of when you read this article, you can still participate and enjoy the entire tour, as these posts will remain available, on the blogs … [Read more...]

Day #4 of the Virtual Book Tour for Book Marketing Made Easy

Today the tour heads to the Business Building Books blog of Lynne Klippel where I'll be sharing an article about the power of Teleseminars and how authors can create a variety of information products from this recorded content. Additionally, today I will be a guest on Lynne's "Successful Authors Book Camp" program. While there is a charge for the book camp, the content Lynne is providing is spectacular. Take a peek, check out the amazing lineup … [Read more...]

Day #5 – Virtual Book Tour – Interview with Roger C. Parker on Planning Your Bestseller Campaign

Today, the virtual book tour travels to the Published and Profitable site of Roger C. Parker. Whether you’re a new, or an experienced author, you’ll want to attend this call if interested in creating your own Amazon bestseller campaign, or just want to learn more about planning, relationship marketing, social media networking, or tool-based tips like ideas for using autoresponders and widgets, you’ll want to attend our call. … [Read more...]

Day #6 – Virtual Book Tour travels to Terry Whalin’s Blog

Today the virtual book tour heads over to the blog of Terry Whalin where' I'll be talking about developing your online author platform. An author platform is a place where people can come to connect with you. It is where you share your message and it refers to the size of your following/readership and your presence on the Internet. It is essential for an author to have an author platform. Your platform raises your visibility and allows people to … [Read more...]

Day #7 – Relationship Marieting for Authors – Tour visits the blog of @shelleyhitz

Today our 21-day virtual book tour visits the blog of Shelley Hitz, Internet marketer and social media expert. Shelley Hitz is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and consultant to individuals, organizations and small businesses who want to multiply their impact through self-publishing. Today's article talks about the power of "relationship marketing" for authors. There are many things authors can do to deepen relationships with their audience … [Read more...]

Day #8 – Amazon Bestseller Tips as we Travel to @lynnettesbooks Book Marketing Site

Today the book tour heads over to the blog of Lynnette Phillips. Lynnette offers a unique Book Marketing review site with lots of great articles on a wide variety of books and book marketing. The article I share today is about launching your book with an Amazon bestseller campaign. Being that my book just became an Amazon bestseller, as a result of focus, determination and lots of community support, I thought you'd find this article helpful. Do … [Read more...]

Day #9 – Teleseminars for Authors – Virtual Book Tour Travels to Judy Cullins @coachjudy

Today we head over the the Book Coaching blog of book coach, Judy Cullins. I'll be sharing tips on how authors can use Teleseminars to grow their brand and their book sales. As an author, providing additional ways for your audience to connect with you and hear the message of your book will grow your business and increase your book sales. Teleseminars provide you with a platform to reach and connect with your audience. Teleseminars also provide … [Read more...]

Day #10 – Harness the Power of Online Video – Book Tour travels to Shel Horowitz’s Blog @shelhorowitz

There is nothing as powerful as online video as a way to effectively connect with your audience and allow them to get to know you. Creating Web video might seem intimidating but the truth is that it can be easy, affordable, and even free. Creating Web video can also be a great deal of fun. You can either record your message with the camera facing you or you can create a screen capture video. Market your book by creating a video book trailer … [Read more...]