Episode 035: Bill O’Hanlon – Grow Your Business by Building Relationships

Episode 035: Bill O'Hanlon with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky Podcast Description: In today's episode Bill O'Hanlon, author of over 30 books and a guest on Oprah, joins us to discuss how he reaches more readers. Bill wants authors to realize that they are 100% responsible for getting their work out there no matter who is the publisher. He shares simple ways to be productive and not overwhelmed by the marketing process and tells us why Facebook is … [Read more...]

Episode 034: Sandra Beckwith – Reach More Readers Through Guest Blogging

Episode 034: Sandra Beckwith with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky Podcast Description: In today's episode Sandra Beckwith, a veteran publicist, shows us how guest blogging can help you Reach More Readers. Sandra shows us the benefits of guest blogging and how to avoid overwhelm during the process. Sandra's productivity tips are simple and effective and she has some great tools to get you started on the right track. Episode 034: Sandra … [Read more...]

033: D’vorah Lansky – Welcome to the Reach More Readers Podcast Series

Episode 033: Podcast Show Host D'vorah Lansky Welcome! Enjoy listening to the Reach More Readers Podcast Series. Enjoy this introductory episode, of our "new format and enjoy listening to our guest experts as they share their favorite tips to help you reach more readers! They also each share words of wisdom to help you become more productive! Don't miss a single episode! Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes today by clicking here. Podcast … [Read more...]