Our Virtual Book Tour Author Page and Hall of Fame Page

by D'vorah Lansky Guest blogging is where you "travel" to a blog and share an article as a guest blogger (guest author.) They key is to focus on being featured on blogs that attract your target audience and that you write articles which would be of interest to your target audience. In this post we are featuring the guest blog posts of our Virtual Book Tour Boot Camp members. Enjoy traveling from blog to blog where you can read articles and … [Read more...]

The Organized Author – Virtual Book Tour of Moreen Torpy

by Moreen Torpy I’m going to go out on a limb and say that even authors need to be organized. From my own experience, I know the creative juices flow when they’re ready, and without clutter blocking or sabotaging them, they flow more frequently and regularly. How can we guarantee this happens? Simply by ensuring our work space is organized, without clutter and all the extraneous paperwork that sticks to our desks and maybe the floor around … [Read more...]

Tips for Promoting Your Virtual Book Tour

by Liesel Teversham A hot tip I learnt during my first Virtual Book Tour came as a result of inadvertently leaving out this important detail. The point of a “first” in anything is to gain experience in this type of activity and to learn from any possible mistakes we may make. It’s great to realize that we don’t have to be perfect at our first attempt of a book tour. The purpose for our tour is to gain exposure, reach readers, and sell books. … [Read more...]