Pinterest is Changing the Social Media Game! by Sara F. Hathaway

by Sara F. Hathaway Pinterest is a valuable tool for all businesses that is often overlooked for the potential it has. This social media site is busy building an online discovery engine to help billions explore interests and plan for the future. Their visual format brings an encyclopedia of information to life and for people who love to learn, like myself, it is an endless resource of information on any topic. Pinterest is currently boasting … [Read more...]

Special Sales: The Buck Starts Here by Brian Jud

by Brian Jud The term special sales is commonly used to describe sales opportunities outside of bookstores. Also referred to as non-bookstore (or non-traditional) marketing, it can be a profitable source of new revenue. The best way to exploit this opportunity is to divide it into two segments and sell to buyers in each according to their traditional ways of purchasing. One is the retail segment where you reach buyers using a network of … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Beat the “Yah-But” Syndrome by Pam Fitros

How many times have you thought you wanted to do something new or different only to pelt yourself with a volley of Yah-Buts? Yah-but I’m too… old young scared of failing scared of succeeding worried about what others would say short of time short of energy short of funds convinced I’ll never finish How many times have you listened to the critical voice inside your head come up with an objection for every idea, every … [Read more...]

How Authors Can Reach 20 Million Readers on Goodreads by Frances Caballo

by Frances Caballo I often find myself talking with other writers about Goodreads. Most published authors know that they need to be on it yet at its core, Goodreads is all about the reader, not about hawking our books. And I say Hooray! Because where would writer be without readers? Goodreads members tend to read voraciously, blog about books, recommend books, and form book clubs and online book groups. Readers consume books of every … [Read more...]

Why your business book isn’t selling (and how to tweak it so it does) by Ginny Carter

by Ginny Carter Have you written a business book that isn’t selling? How frustrating and demoralizing is that? All those hours of work are not getting you the reward you would love, and more importantly your expertise and wisdom are not helping the people who need them most. Or are you starting to plan your next book, and want to make sure it’s a seller? Either way, this post is for you. First off, just because no-one is buying your … [Read more...]

Telesummit Week One Conversation Thread

Welcome to the Reach More Readers Virtual Summit main conversation thread on our event blog. In addition to the weekly workshops, you have access to a blog post and podcast episode with each of our guests. (Scroll down to bullet #2 below.) What are you enjoying most about the event? What are your ah-has? What questions do you have? Scroll down to chime in and connect with other event participants and our guest experts. 1.Bonus Content: Our … [Read more...]

Position, Package And Promote Your Expertise With A Book by Rachel Henke

by Rachel Henke Writing a book is one of those things that people can take years and years to get around to. Or you could write the first draft of your book in a week like I and many other experts have done. You might be thinking about how cool it would be to write a book that positions you and your expertise. After all, a lot of the big gurus have one, don’t they? Well yes a lot do. But many never get around to writing one. Life gets … [Read more...]

Building the Perfect Reader by Donna K. Fitch

by Donna K. Fitch Who are your readers? How do you know? What difference does it make? Cultivating relationships with your readers is a wonderful way to extend your reach and gain new followers. Have you ever considered, though, who those readers are? Personas Creating personas is a technique used in web design and user experience to represent user groups, reminding the owner of the purpose of the site and what reasons people might … [Read more...]

Why An Author Media Kit Is A Must Have by Jane Tabachnick

by Jane Tabachnick As an author, one of your goals is to have your books read by as many people as possible. To achieve this, you need to get as much visibility as possible. Whether you use publicity, public speaking or both of these strategies to get in front of your potential readers, an author media kit will be a key component in assuring you succeed. The Professional Standard A media kit, is also called press kit, or in its short … [Read more...]

Twenty-Eight Step Success Plan For Platform Building, Book Sales And A Winning Book Launch by Linda Stirling

by Linda Stirling The best time to start would be when you’re first thinking about becoming an author! That’s unlikely to happen, nor will you necessarily begin these steps when you first start writing your novel or your non-fiction work. Don’t despair if you’re coming to this list late in the game. Just pick up where you can and go from that point forward. Everything you do makes a difference! (When dates are shown, these are indications … [Read more...]

Guest Blogging for Authors is Alive and Well by Sandra Beckwith

Sandra is a guest speaker at the 9th Annual Book Marketing Conference Online: Reach More Readers. If you have not yet registered... Click here to get your access pass. By Sandra Beckwith There’s some buzz out there in the interwebs about the “death” of guest blogging. Guest blog posts usually let the writer include a link or two back to his or her own web site (“backlinks”), and those links are good for a site’s SEO (search engine … [Read more...]

Feeling Ignored? – 10 Confusing Clichés with Social Media

By Brian Basilico Guilty as charged. Nobody starts out using social networks and gets it right out of the staring blocks. It’s a process.I have been using it for almost 6 years (somewhat of a late adopter in some circles), and I am still learning. The first day I joined Facebook, my cell phone and computer staring dinging like a winning Vegas slot machine with friend requests. Over the course of the past few years, I have worked hard as a … [Read more...]

List Building for Authors: 11 Ideas to Use to Create Emails to Build Your Reader’s List

List Building for Authors: 11 Ideas to Use to Create Emails (Videos, Blogs and Posts) to Build Your Reader’s List by Tamara Patzer List Building or growing your email or membership list of your loyal fans and readers should be one of your foremost priorities. Why? Having a lists means that you have a list of people via who know, like and trust you. Moreover, they love you and want to hear from you. These are the people who will read … [Read more...]

How to Repurpose a Webinar into an E-book — and Why – by Ellen Finkelstein

by Ellen Finkelstein You can multiply how much you earn on any given product by turning it into a different type of product. There are a number of reasons for this: Some people prefer to read and others prefer to watch Some people learn on the go in short bites; others like to sit down and take it all in at once People have different price points that they’re willing to pay You can’t accommodate everyone with any one type of … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Podcasting by Doug Foresta

by Doug Foresta There are many benefits of podcasting, but one benefit that is often overlooked is the ability of a podcast to boost your book. If you have a book, or are thinking of writing a book, here are some ways in which a podcast can be of benefit to you: 1) Create more engagement with your readers: A podcast allows you to use your voice to create a deeper level of engagement. When readers can hear your passion for your material it … [Read more...]