Tips for Promoting Your Virtual Book Tour

by Liesel Teversham A hot tip I learnt during my first Virtual Book Tour came as a result of inadvertently leaving out this important detail. The point of a “first” in anything is to gain experience in this type of activity and to learn from any possible mistakes we may make. It’s great to realize that we don’t have to be perfect at our first attempt of a book tour. The purpose for our tour is to gain exposure, reach readers, and sell books. … [Read more...]

5 Must Know Tips to Marketing Your Virtual Book Tour

by Sara Hathaway Virtual Book Tours are an essential way for new authors to gain traction in the marketplace. So, what is a Virtual Book Tour? Just a decade ago, when an author wanted to show off their latest piece of work to an interested audience they would have to pack up their bags and boxes of books and travel around the country from book store to book store to try to find them. Nowadays with the explosion of technology and information … [Read more...]

Book Launch Tips: Having Fun As You Sell More Books by Dr. Jeanette Cates

by Dr. Jeanette Cates (Enjoy this informative article where Jeanette shares powerful book launch tips, that have kept her in the #1 spot in her categories, over on Kindle, for over six weeks! Here also is an audio interview with Jeanette where she shares about her book a well as her strategies that continue to generate daily book sales.) As a Kindle book author, you know that your primary job once the book is finished is marketing. … [Read more...]

Go On the Road, Virtually, to Promote Your Book

by Connie Dunn Not too long ago, when you wrote a book and got a publisher, you would take a tour of bookstores and other venues that the publisher set up for you. Sounds nice, right? Well, number one those publishers are traditional publishers and they are harder to come by these days. The other thing is that the publishers actually look to you, the author, to see if you have the skills to market your own book, because the days of setting … [Read more...]

Streamlining Your Blog: Lessons Learned During the Blog Hop

by D'vorah Lansky During our community wide Blog Hop we had 78 authors submit their posts. This was a celebration to share what each author learned during our Book Marketing Challenge, and how they would be applying these strategies to their books. By writing the articles the authors were able to see, in writing, how much they had learned and retained and by reading the posts by other authors, everyone was able to absorb even more. During the … [Read more...]