It’s “Ta Da” Tuesday… What are you Celebrating?

by D'vorah Lansky I recently saw a post come across Facebook asking, "What's on your "Ta Da" list?" A light bulb went on for me and I realized that we could create a new tradition by sharing our "Ta Das!" So... What are you celebrating this week? It could be an accomplishment, either huge or small. You may want to share something you learned this week. Perhaps you are celebrating new business. Whatever the case, you are warmly … [Read more...]

Believe in the Power of Your Dreams: What is the “Why” Behind Your Dreams?

by D'vorah Lansky As the new year approaches I'm looking at how I can bring even more value to our author community. Every fiber of my being is leading me towards focusing on helping you to develop relationships with your audience and leaders in your field before focusing on the tech side of things. I really believe that by getting clear about your "why" and your dreams and by growing your following, your fan base, and your book sales, you will … [Read more...]

Share Your Writing and Editing Tips

As authors we love to write and we are often certain that we did a super job editing our work. Proofread and edit as we might, there are still times that we miss something. For the most part these errors are harmless, but occasionally they can be embarrassing or even mortifying. To help one another on our writing journey, please scroll down and share your favorite writing, proofreading, and/or editing tips. Thank you for sharing your … [Read more...]

Clear Your Mind and Clear Your Desk with an Author Brain Dump Exercise

(Productivity Challenge Members - Thank you for Completing This Week's Questionnaire. Please scroll down and "join in the conversation!") One of my favorite organizing activities is what I call a "brain dump" exercise. When I first participated in this exercise, in around 2008, I was working many hours, but I was not earning "many dollars." After participating in the brain dump exercise, my business exploded. Within six months of filling out … [Read more...]

Why your business book isn’t selling (and how to tweak it so it does) by Ginny Carter

by Ginny Carter Have you written a business book that isn’t selling? How frustrating and demoralizing is that? All those hours of work are not getting you the reward you would love, and more importantly your expertise and wisdom are not helping the people who need them most. Or are you starting to plan your next book, and want to make sure it’s a seller? Either way, this post is for you. First off, just because no-one is buying your … [Read more...]

Putting My Coaching Wisdom in a Book Series

by Diane Howell Topkis Like many of us, a book idea had been developing in my head for months but I didn’t know how to get started. Along came D’vorah’s Book Marketing Challenge. I figured I needed to know what was in store after I wrote it. So I signed up. Must be something about a challenge that motivates me because I’ve now published one book and the next is ready to go. That’s two already, not the “one and done” book that I originally … [Read more...]

Replay and a Collection of Productivity Tips from Our Author Community

Becoming more productive and organized will allow us to accomplish more and make time for the things that we need to do and those that we want to do. The following tips are from our author community, in response to a recent survey. Thank you all for sharing your brilliance! D'vorah Another way you can learn more about becoming more productive is to listen in to the replay from our Productivity Workshop! In this workshop D'vorah shares her … [Read more...]

Building the Perfect Reader by Donna K. Fitch

by Donna K. Fitch Who are your readers? How do you know? What difference does it make? Cultivating relationships with your readers is a wonderful way to extend your reach and gain new followers. Have you ever considered, though, who those readers are? Personas Creating personas is a technique used in web design and user experience to represent user groups, reminding the owner of the purpose of the site and what reasons people might … [Read more...]

Why An Author Media Kit Is A Must Have by Jane Tabachnick

by Jane Tabachnick As an author, one of your goals is to have your books read by as many people as possible. To achieve this, you need to get as much visibility as possible. Whether you use publicity, public speaking or both of these strategies to get in front of your potential readers, an author media kit will be a key component in assuring you succeed. The Professional Standard A media kit, is also called press kit, or in its short … [Read more...]

Guest Blogging for Authors is Alive and Well by Sandra Beckwith

Sandra is a guest speaker at the 9th Annual Book Marketing Conference Online: Reach More Readers. If you have not yet registered... Click here to get your access pass. By Sandra Beckwith There’s some buzz out there in the interwebs about the “death” of guest blogging. Guest blog posts usually let the writer include a link or two back to his or her own web site (“backlinks”), and those links are good for a site’s SEO (search engine … [Read more...]