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dvorah-w-bgby D’vorah Lansky

Being that blogging has become so popular in our author community, and the fact that I’ve received dozens of requests to teach more about blogging AND the fact that we had 58 comments on last week’s blog post, I thought you’d find it helpful if we began a column where we share blogging tips and strategies.

Today I’ll Share Two of My Favorite Blogging Tips:
Along with an invitation for you to share blogging tips of your own!

1. Blog on a Regular Basis
Blogging on a regular basis can open doors of opportunity and position you as a leader in your field. The easiest way to accomplish this is by scheduling a regular time each week, when you’ll write a post for your blog. You can write on a spur of the moment idea, something going on in the news – that would be of interest to your audience, or an article which can become part of an ongoing series on a specific topic.

2. Locate Blogs That Attract Your Target Audience
A way to multiply your reach is by connecting with other bloggers. Perform a Google search to look for blogs on topics that attract your audience. To do this, enter keywords into the Google search engine, followed by the word “blog. (Example: Book Marketing Blog.) Use keywords that your ideal audience would type into Google if they were searching for information on your topic area.

Once you’ve located blogs that attract your ideal audience, spend time exploring and commenting on blog posts. By posting insightful comments, answers or questions, in the comments section below a blog post, you’ll begin to engage with readers of that blog. This can lead to future guest blogging or speaking opportunities as well as increased book sales.

Question: Do you have a Blogging Tip You’d Like to Share?

If so, scroll down to the comments section below and share:

  • Your blogging tip
  • A “title” for your tip
  • Your name and book title or business name


  1. Provide a List of Past Series Topics

    I’ve been blogging on intercessory prayer and prophecy for about nine years. Most of my blog posts are article series, spread out over 5-10 posts. When I finish a series, I list the link to the first post of it under “Series Topics” in the blog side bar. I still get a lot of traffic even to my oldest articles, because they are easy to find and their links are in plain view for the casual browser.

    Lee Ann Rubsam
    Blog link: Out of the Fire —
    Latest book: Your Intercession Questions Answered —

  2. Find a niche, find the visuals

    You know the blogs I don’t follow? It’s those where the blogger writes about whatever interests the person that day . . . such as “oh, let me tell you about the cute thing my cat did this morning.”

    I want meat. I want substance. And I want brevity because my time for reading blog posts is limited. A post that goes on for three pages? No, I’m not reading to the end of that one.

    My niche? I write about books and authors . . . and I include eye candy in each post – the book cover, a mug shot of the author, a movie poster or a TV title card if the book was made into a movie or a television series.

    For me, it’s the visual that grabs the eye balls and pulls the reader in to read what I have to say.

    Jerry Peterson
    Blog link:
    John Wads Crime Novellas, “Iced”, “Rubbed Out”, and coming soon “Killing Ham”

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