Days #1-3 – The 21-Day Blog Tour Begins

I have a feeling that this 21-Day Virtual Book Tour journey is going to be the “ride of my life!” Lots of excitement, support, encouragement and an outpouring of support and teamwork. Thank you with all my heart!

Here’s an overview of what you can experience on days #1-3 of this tour. Take note, that regardless of when you read this article, you can still participate and enjoy the entire tour, as these posts will remain available, on the blogs of my tour guests.

Day #1 of the tour took place here on the book blog at: I added the Facebook comments to several areas of the site, contacted this week’s tour hosts, and began interacting with my supporters on Facebook and Twitter.

Day #2 of the tour things began to heat up a bit. I published my press release on Fast Pitch Networking, set up an event page on Facebook and received an outpouring of support, updated my author page on several of the social networks for authors, posted the live URLS to this week’s tour stops, connected with my hosts, cleared my desk and went to sleep early, in preparation of Launch Day!!!!

Day #3 of the tour is the official Launch Day and Amazon Bestseller Campaign! I woke up before sunrise, prepared for the day and as the sun came up over the hills I was moved. I posted my “sunrise reflections” article earlier this morning, which you can access from the blog link on the site. Today, the Virtual Book tour has THREE destinations.

Please share your reflections, ideas, and questions, below each of the articles on this site that inspire you to write, and/or in the comments section below each blog post along the tour trail.

The journey has begun, the ship has set sail, we are on the (Internet) road for a 21-Day Virtual Blog Tour! Looking forward to interacting with you along the way!

Oh, and please do consider getting a copy of Book Marketing Made Easy. Check out the 30+ reviews on Amazon!

Here’s to your book marketing success!


  1. Good luck, D’vorah! This is an inspiring tour, with so many stops, interactions, and content. Good luck!

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