Build Your Readership by Blogging

by D'vorah Lansky Being that blogging has become so popular in our author community, and the fact that I've received dozens of requests to teach more about blogging AND the fact that we had 58 comments on last week's blog post, I thought you'd find it helpful if we began a column where we share blogging tips and strategies. Today I'll Share Two of My Favorite Blogging Tips: Along with an invitation for you to share blogging tips of your … [Read more...]

Friday’s Food for Thought

I've become fascinated with the images that have inspiring quotes written on them and have decided to begin collecting quotes and images with the goal of creating what is referred to as a "meme." The dictionary definition of "meme" is "a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc., that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way." Today's Food for Thought is related to only being a decision … [Read more...]

How a Signature Program Keeps You Focused As A Writer

by Kate Loving Shenk This article is for all you right-brained creators out there. Writers are often trying to squeeze themselves into a left-brained box because they think that's how they will achieve success as a writer. Success may mean different things to different people, but I am sure we'd agree selling tens of thousands of books to adoring fans would be a magnificent milestone! However, this is a big dream, and we need to hold that … [Read more...]

Welcome to our Community Blog Hop

Welcome to our community Blog Hop! What a great way for us to get to know one another, and for everyone who participates to get a lot of visitors to their blog! Thank you and get ready for a lot of fun and many new visitors to your site! See below for the tour stops on the Blog Hop. Have fun exploring! During our last Book Marketing Challenge participants learned new strategies throughout the month, culminating in a blog hop. Exciting news! … [Read more...]

It’s “Ta Da” Tuesday… What are you Celebrating?

by D'vorah Lansky I recently saw a post come across Facebook asking, "What's on your "Ta Da" list?" A light bulb went on for me and I realized that we could create a new tradition by sharing our "Ta Das!" So... What are you celebrating this week? It could be an accomplishment, either huge or small. You may want to share something you learned this week. Perhaps you are celebrating new business. Whatever the case, you are warmly … [Read more...]

Showcase: Richard Rieman – Course Title: Audiobook Self-Publishing for Authors.

Richard Rieman, from the United States. Author of The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation, Course Title: Audiobook Self-Publishing for Authors. My course is for self-published authors who want to create a new revenue stream and fan base by giving their book a voice. Course Description: If you are considering creating an audiobook, whether you are the voice or you hire a professional narrator, "Audiobook Self-Publishing … [Read more...]

Showcase: Margherita Crystal Lotus – Course Title

Margherita Crystal Lotus, of Canada Book Title: Where Heart Touches Matter - Chakra Colouring Book and Course Course Title: The Rainbow Course URL to the Course: My Ideal Audience: Introverted, professional women aged 45 and up, who want to heal their stress and worry so they can become more confident and strong. Course Description: Learning about the emotional energies in our bodies, and how to … [Read more...]

Showcase: Tammy L. Jones – Course Title: Making Minutes Matter: Short Segment Time Strategies for Busy Educators

Tammy L Jones of the USA Name of Course: Making Minutes Matter: Short Segment Time Strategies for Busy Educators URL to Course Classroom: Who is your ideal audience? Making Minutes Matter is a course for educators at any level who want to take charge and gain more time in their day and week. Course Description: This course is designed to support the needs of … [Read more...]

Showcase: Lorna Fergusson – Course Title: Believe you can write – four steps to discovering your potential

Lorna Fergusson of the UK, Author Goals: I'm aiming to create workbooks for my courses in due course. Course Title: Believe you can write - four steps to discovering your potential My Ideal Audience: Fictionfire Writing Academy (the name for my online school, I'm pretty sure) will offer courses for new and more advanced writers. Tagline: Igniting Creativity, Nurturing Craft Course Description: A foundation level … [Read more...]

Showcase: Janet Wahl – Course Title: Dream Digging 1: The Ullman Method and Online Dream Group

Janet Wahl of the USA Book Title: Discover the Messages in Your Dreams with the Ullman Method Name of Course: Dream Digging 1 My Ideal Audience: People who want to know the meaning of their dreams. Course Description: Students will receive video instruction in recalling their dreams and in the dream group process invented by Montague Ullman, MD. At the end of the instruction, they are invited to participate in an online Ullman dream … [Read more...]

Showcase: Donna K. Fitch – Course Title: Anatomy of a Beautiful Book Blog

Donna K. Fitch of the United States, Book Title: Five Signs It's Time to Break Up With Your Website Course Title: Anatomy of a Beautiful Book Blog Click here to view the course classroom. My Ideal Audience: Authors who want to improve their websites. Course Description: This mini course summarizes the features of a beautiful book blog. The course content will be delivered via video. Testimonial for … [Read more...]

Showcase: Lynne Lee – Course Title: How To Hear God Speak Coaching Program

Lynne Lee from the United Kingdom, Book Title: How To Hear God - Key's To Hearing God's Voice Every Day Working Name of Course: How To Hear God Speak Coaching Program: My Ideal Audience: Christians who want to learn how to recognize God's voice and hear Him more often and more clearly. Course Description: The How To Hear God Speak Coaching Program will lead you by the hand and equip … [Read more...]

Schedule a Laser Coaching Session with Dvorah

Laser Coaching Sessions with D’vorah Special Pricing for our Students Would you like support in expanding your reach & author platform? Do you need help with creating an action plan? Would you like support with developing your online course? Select the Option that is Best for You 30 Minute Laser Coaching Session – $147 Meet with D’vorah One-on-One and get personalized support Click here to get started Three 30-Minute … [Read more...]

Believe in the Power of Your Dreams: What is the “Why” Behind Your Dreams?

by D'vorah Lansky As the new year approaches I'm looking at how I can bring even more value to our author community. Every fiber of my being is leading me towards focusing on helping you to develop relationships with your audience and leaders in your field before focusing on the tech side of things. I really believe that by getting clear about your "why" and your dreams and by growing your following, your fan base, and your book sales, you will … [Read more...]

Share Your Writing and Editing Tips

As authors we love to write and we are often certain that we did a super job editing our work. Proofread and edit as we might, there are still times that we miss something. For the most part these errors are harmless, but occasionally they can be embarrassing or even mortifying. To help one another on our writing journey, please scroll down and share your favorite writing, proofreading, and/or editing tips. Thank you for sharing your … [Read more...]

Share Your Dream for 2016 and Your Favorite Success Book

(Let's try this again... The other day I set up a way for us to share comments BUT the site that I set it up on was not letting people post entries. I am SO sorry for this inconvenience. Thankfully a few people were able to post comments - which you will find below. Enjoy!) Being that I received so many emails from folks wanting to share, but unable to post - I've decided to set up this post as a place for us to share our thoughts. That … [Read more...]

Special Sales: The Buck Starts Here by Brian Jud

by Brian Jud The term special sales is commonly used to describe sales opportunities outside of bookstores. Also referred to as non-bookstore (or non-traditional) marketing, it can be a profitable source of new revenue. The best way to exploit this opportunity is to divide it into two segments and sell to buyers in each according to their traditional ways of purchasing. One is the retail segment where you reach buyers using a network of … [Read more...]

Kick Procrastination’s Behind

by Mac Bogert "Something there is that doesn’t love a wall" begins Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall.” Something there is that doesn’t love accomplishment describes procrastination. Whether it’s getting in shape, losing weight, starting our tax returns, emptying the dishwasher, or w-r-i-t-i-n-g, inertia holds us prisoner. Yet inertia works both ways. Once we put a few simple ideas into practice, inertia moves us forward instead of holding us … [Read more...]