Challenge Creation Showcase: Laurie Weiss – Challenge Name: Secrets of Reducing Unnecessary Worry

Laurie Weiss Author of: Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®) Name of Laurie's Challenge Program: Secrets of Reducing Unnecessary Worry: A 7-Day Challenge Web address for your course registration page: Who is your ideal audience? If you are a worrier who wants to quit, find time to enjoy your life, and even relax and … [Read more...]

Showcase: Trish Dennison – 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Trish Dennison: of Canada and Name of Challenge: 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge Course registration page: My passion is to help women connect to their inner worth and embrace a self care practice that helps them be more happy, healthy and peaceful. My ideal audience is women between 25 and 65 who feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, wanting to feel healthier, less … [Read more...]

Showcase: Larisa Sharipova – Challenge Title: Decode Your Cravings in 10 Days

Larisa Sharipova, author of Listen to Your Body and regain You Health - Country of Residence: USA Name of Larisa's Challenge: Decode Your Cravings in 10 Days Course Registration Page: Course Description: Participants learn about reasons for different types of cravings and be able to identify their own. They receive a clear road map and daily step-by-step instructions that … [Read more...]

Our Community Blog Hop

It's time for our Community Blog Hop! A blog hop is where you share a link to a blog post on your blog. Participants will "hop" from blog to blog, to read articles and explore one another's sites. Don't have a blog, no worries... you can still participate by visiting blogs listed below and you can share a book marketing tip of your own, by scrolling down to the comments section below. Instructions: Head over to your blog, and write a … [Read more...]

Success with Amazon Marketing Services by Dr. Laurie Weiss

by Dr. Laurie Weiss D'vorah asked me to write an article about the incredible success I'm experiencing by participating in Amazon's Marketing Services. Disclaimer: I am a beginner – a beginner with AMS, but not in beginner marketing. I’ll be referring to tools I used that I think are relevant to my success. Everything I say may be about beginner’s luck, but I think it’s about having great support in the author’s community … [Read more...]