Course Creation Case Study: Isabel Richli – Detox Through Juicing

Isabel Richli Business Name: Le Royaume des Jus Name of Featured Program: Detox Preparation Through Juicing - 5 weeks coaching program including a 3 days program detox in video Website where we can find your product or business: How did you decide what product or program to create? I had a client last year who was going through though times with her health and shared with me how doctors told her she had … [Read more...]

Course Creation Case Study: Carla Germain – Vision Board Workshop

Author's Name: Carla Germain Business Name: Share Your Heart's Passion Featured Product: My Free Interactive Vision Board Workshop I believe it's import for each one of us to keep dreaming as a way to identity our goals. Although your can make a list or even create a mobile or digital vision board - my workshops are about creating a physical vision board. This gives you something you can look at and even hold as a joyful daily reminder to … [Read more...]

Course Creation Case Study: Donna K. Fitch – Reward Your Success Starter Kit

Author's Name: Donna K. Fitch Business Name: Reward Your Success Featured product or program name: Reward Your Success starter kit Website where we can find your product or business: How did you decide what product or program to create? I did some serious soul-searching. I was working on a business for which I just couldn’t work up enthusiasm. Writing blog posts was like pulling teeth for me. There … [Read more...]

Showcase: Jerri Eddington – Course Title: Lighting Your Fire! Home Study Series

Jerri Eddington Ed.D., of the US and Name of Course: Lighting Your Fire! Home Study Series Course Registration Page: My passion is helping others to connect to their inner wisdom... on a Soul Level through transformational programs. Course Description: My course was co-created with my business partner, Gretchen Hogg. We created this program to share what … [Read more...]

Showcase: Margaret Reece, PhD – Course Title: 30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology

Margaret Reece PhD, author of Physiology: Custom-Designed Chemistry Name of Your Course 30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology URL to Course Page: Who is your ideal audience? This course is designed for college students who must learn human physiology to get into healthcare professional training programs and for medical … [Read more...]

How to Land Guest Posts on Huge Blogs (in Five Straightforward Steps) by Ali Luke

by Ali Luke One of the best ways to promote your non-fiction book is by guest posting: writing content for other people’s blogs. Whatever stage you’re at with your book (even if it’s currently just a back-of-an-envelope plan), you can try out guest posting. You don’t need to be an established author or a well-known name. You just need to be able to write. The best news? All it will cost you is a little bit of your time. The Four Key … [Read more...]

Showcase: Gina Noel Decker – Course Title: Master the Launch

Gina Decker of the USA and is the author of, 21 Essential SEO Tips to Get You Found Fast: An Expert Interview with Kathy Alice Brown Name of Gina's Course: Master the Launch Web address for course registration page: Gina's ideal audience is coaches, authors, and speakers who are launching online products with Joint Venture partners. Course Description: The … [Read more...]

Pinterest is Changing the Social Media Game! by Sara F. Hathaway

by Sara F. Hathaway Pinterest is a valuable tool for all businesses that is often overlooked for the potential it has. This social media site is busy building an online discovery engine to help billions explore interests and plan for the future. Their visual format brings an encyclopedia of information to life and for people who love to learn, like myself, it is an endless resource of information on any topic. Pinterest is currently boasting … [Read more...]

For Our Fiction Authors – And Those Who Have Ideas About Marketing for Fiction Authors

by D'vorah Lansky As you may have figured out by now, my area of expertise, and the focus of the Book Marketing Challenge is on book marketing for nonfiction authors. However, given that we have hundreds of fiction authors registered for the event who would like to be able to apply what they are learning, I want to do whatever I can to make this content accessible to both fiction and nonfiction authors. I'd like to provide tips for how … [Read more...]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jeanette Cates – Practices of the Productive Author

Dr. Jeanette Cates is a guest speaker for the 30-Day Productivity Challenge. If you have not yet registered... Click here for details. Session Title: Practices of the Productive Author Session Description: A productive author is a prolific author. And a prolific author is a profitable author. Let's make that happen for you! In this information-packed session Dr. Cates will share her tips to: Organize your electronic workspace … [Read more...]