Episode 026: Aprille Janes: Enhance Your Message Through Story Telling

aprille-pod-sEpisode 026: Aprille Janes: Enhance Your Message Through Story Telling
with Your Host: D’vorah Lansky

Description of Today’s Episode: My guest today is Aprille Janes, creator of The Bolder Business Podcast. Aprille’s mission is to teach entrepreneurs about the power of their story. With her background in corporate America blended together with a passion for fictional writing, Aprille saw the logic in connecting a story to business. Today Aprille will be speaking to us about: Enhancing Your Message Through Story Telling. She discusses some of the ways you can bring your story to life and how to find content for your stories. Aprille explains some of the many benefits of using this story based delivery method. She leaves us today with some helpful tips for getting your story out to the world.

Episode 026: Aprille Janes: Enhance Your Message Through Story Telling
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Show Notes

About Aprille

Our guest today is Aprille Janes of Bolder Biz with Aprille Janes at www.BolderBiz.com In 2003, after 20 years as a successful business consultant, Aprille threw away her corporate suit to work with purpose-driven solo-preneurs. Her clients build successful businesses around their passion, live a life of purpose, and get noticed in a noisy and crowded marketplace. These days she’s helping them leverage the power of story for sales and marketing so they stand out, become memorable and close more business. Aprille is a small business expert, speaker, author and podcast host of The Bolder Business Podcast.

Main Questions Asked

  • Can you share your success journey and how you came to this mission of teaching others to share their stories?
  • How can listeners use story to connect with their audience and what difference could storytelling make in their business?
  • How can you get a failure story on an interview podcast when the guest may not want to show a less than perfect side of themselves?
  • Behind the scenes at The Bolder Business Podcast you delegate some tasks. It’s hard for some of us to let go, can you give us some tips for how to outsource tasks?

Key Lessons Learned

  • People love stories, it’s in our DNA to learn from stories. Our brains crave narrative to make sense out of the world. We process more information when it is delivered with a story. Our bodies produce oxytocin which encourages the feelings of bonding and love.
  • Stories must have conflict and resolution, offer hope, and have vivid details and descriptions that utilize all the senses.
  • Steps to draw the story out of your guest: 1. Where were you before you started my process, reading my book, etc. What was it you wanted to achieve (mind set, goal, obstacle, etc.)? How did you feel? 2. What else did you try (do, read, etc.)? How did you feel about that? 3. What changed for you when you tried my product (read my book, took my program, etc.) How did you feel about that?
  • Get your guests to share their failure stories: Talk about their success story, talk about their best moment (biggest accomplishment), and then talk about their biggest learning experience. Let them know ahead of time, give them the interview questions so they can prepare and keep it very conversational.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • You’ll have more sales and listeners from revealing who you are.
  • “We are given these stories to share with each other to help each other on our paths and our journeys.”
  • “Our ideal clients will find us by wo we are being and we reveal who we are by the stories we choose to tell, details we choose to put in those stories and the way in which we tell them.”

Aprille’s Podcasting Tips

  • Start thinking about your everyday stories. Record those stories in a notebook or computer file. Practice using those stories. Another great source of stories, you can tie a message to a current event in the news.
  • Tips on podcasting outsourcing: Be clear on what you are willing to let go of first, and be clear on the results you are looking for (focus on end results not process). Then find people who can do that for you and let them do it. You will need to find the right person and trust in them.
  • Your emotional connection to the story will make it more memorable. Know what results you want to achieve with the story and take the audience on a journey to that end goal.
  • Be bolder! Don’t be afraid of breaking the rules, most of the time we have made up the rules ourselves anyway. Be willing to tell your story.

Links to Resources Mentioned

Aprille’s Website: http://aprillejanes.com

The Bolder Business Podcast: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/aprille-janes/bolder-business-women

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